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    Thank you very much :)!

    Thank you very much :)!
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    Thank you <3

    Thank you <3
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 977 : "The Party Won't Start Now"

    Kaido has a son? Whats going on here Wonder if its a Momonosuke situation. Imagine if Kaido got beat because his son got taken hostage this time... The introduction of the flying six looked quite cool. Lets see what theyre made of. Also, I feel Killers gonna get a new epitaph after Wano...
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    Versus Battle Sage Mode Naruto Vs. Mangekyo Sasuke

    Didn‘t Naruto activate sage mode against the third raikage exactly because he needed to increase his reaction speed?
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    General & Others Which warlord could have possibly accepted Kuma's offer of help ?

    Kind of hard imagining Mihawk needing Kuma‘s help in any situation. Also, he always seemed very proud to me, so I can‘t really see him asking for help either. My bet is on Boss Jimbo, but only if FI would have been in a situation where it would have been impossible to be protected by him alone
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece - Chapter 969: The Idiot Lord

    Damn, been waiting all day for the chapter, but all it did was creating more hype regarding Kaido vs Oden. I wonder why Oden acted the way he did all these years. This chapter was great, but not satisfying at all :josad:
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    Break Week One Piece - Chapter 966: Whitebeard and Roger

    Lol at Roger running by Rayleigh and Gaban goofily just to casually one shot Oden out of the fight Also funny how Roger and WB seemed to get along quite well, but the crew giving each other the stink eye Amazing chapter. WB with the gura gura confirmed, yet the only time we‘ve seem him use it...
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 961: The Mountain God Incident

    Man Oden is a badass Kind of ironic him being so hardboiled... Also, Kin‘emon is gaining a lot of sympathy points in my book. I‘m really digging this flashback. Really makes me feel for the Scabbards standing at the coast, not being able to avenge Oden.
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    General & Others Pick Your One Piece bodyguard

    Any limitations? If not, I‘d choose Rayleigh/Garp, Boss Jimbo, Marco, and Usopp I‘d feel pretty safe with strong land/sea/air representation and a comedic batman by my side
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 958: The Promised Port

    This is one of the most devious cliffhangers, since the chapters before were amazing. God damn Gotta say aswell, Okiku looks awesome. And I wonder why Oden is still shown as a silhoutte, even in a rare Roger backflash. I‘m really mad, but I‘m looking anxiously forward to the next chapter
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 957: Ultimate

    Damn, amazing revelations in this chapter. I‘m glad Garp deserves his title and his hype. Even if Roger was a monster, fighting as two against WB, Kaido, BM, Shiki, and all the other famed names.... Especially if Rocks was Roger‘s rival. Insane Yet, I truly want to know the morality behind Rocks...
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    What Are You Currently Playing?

    WoW Classic, FE: Three Houses and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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    Speculations Akainu has no Idea about the sword.

    I could imagine this being Aokijis doing, selecting a few likeminded marines before Akainu took full control.
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    General & Others Bounty Discussion and Speculation

    My guess for post Wano Strawhats: Luffy ~2 bil Zoro ~720 Sanji ~660 Jinbe ~620 Robin ~500 Usopp ~350 Franky ~330 Brook ~310 Nami ~260 Chopper ~1000 Would be surprised if Oda bumped the SHs bounties instantly higher than their comparable Yonko counterparts. If Luffy rises to Yonko status, it...
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    Thank you guys :*
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    Announcement Light theme available

    Thanks, looking sleek! Gonna roll with the light one.
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    Good day, what a pleasant surprise, being invited to this forum. I‘m excited to be able continueing talking about OP. Thank you, gentlemen! :) Godspeed everyone, kampai to sailing another glorious ship!