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  1. dirtyLarry

    General & Others OP Manga vs Anime Presentation - Anime Staff: "We always make sure we have Oda's approval when animating (filler) fights!"

    In a recent interview (credit to Soulstorm on Twitter): Anime Staff: “When drawing a battle in the anime that did not appear in the manga, we will make sure we have Oda's approval, and we will express it and merge it with the manga content as much as possible.” Well, that settles the debate then.
  2. dirtyLarry

    Speculations How the flying duck did Tama get to Onigashima?

    I'll quote myself from the actual chapter thread: "Nobody can come up with a convincing explanation how an 8-year old girl and her gigantic dog can somehow suddenly appear on the battlefield in Onigashima. She couldn't have "sneaked" on a ship, since she would've had to hide that massive dog...
  3. dirtyLarry

    Speculations Who wields the bloody sword at the end of 985?

    At the end of chapter 985 we see someone holding a boody sword and then a crying Kiku in the very next panel. This has obviously lead the majority of fans to assume that this is Kiku's sword. There is one problem however: I just clearly isn't her sword, completely different pattern (wave form)...
  4. dirtyLarry

    Speculations Orochi's betrayal

    So I wanted to start a thread to speculate about the exact way how Orochi betrayed Oden in the end. We know it will be a shocking and disgusting act, since we already saw Kinemon telling the story to the SHs/alliance and literally everyone was in tears and shocked, with even Luffy flipping his...
  5. dirtyLarry

    General & Others Pacing of the anime

    Felt the need to post that here: Why on earth did the creators of the anime start to completely butcher the pacing over the course of the story? Just for a comparison - back in the old days, things looked like this: - chapters 1-99 were done in 52 episodes (almost 2 chapters per episode) So...