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  1. Eustass

    Episode Discussion Why are people acting like they know more than Toei anime

    Yoo what? I tougth It was a fucking parallel universe. What am I gonna do now?
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    General & Others Does anyone here actually feels hyped anymore ?

    No, not at all. I barely read chapters and havent read since 1012 ..
  3. Eustass

    Conspiracy theories you believe

    To produce stuff that we the people consume. There is no produce without demand.
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    General & Others The importance of personal quirks which Akainu has none, Smoker has one and Vergo has 2 (3) actually

    The truth is Vergo is absolutely one of the best characters ever created and will absolutely come back. Vergo is just that beastly. I think the only times One Piece has really achieved greatness is on those Vergo scenes. I mean, PH is the best arc of One Piec right? Who do you think does that ...
  5. Eustass

    General & Others Editor forcing Oda to make the chapter 18 pages

    Thats fucked up. It actually explains a lot. Thank you. Ive been very sad with OP lately but I understand the man, and now understand it even more.
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    General & Others Editor forcing Oda to make the chapter 18 pages

    One of the problems with the story was Oda listening too much to them
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    Character Discussion Commander-in-Chief Kong Role in the Story

    Nothing, and you know it. Not even characters who are major to the plot are getting exposure.
  8. Eustass

    General & Others Oda is a good or bad writer?

    He streched to much. He is a very good story teller but the story should have been smaller. Still deserves lots of respect even if hes been failing a bit last arcs.
  9. Eustass

    Character Discussion Do you really think Luffy's real rival is Kid?

    I dont know anything about One Piece honestly anymore. The plot points are all so confusing and some end in literally 0 implications, so.. with the way things going, i dont even see Kidd having much time on pannel.
  10. Eustass

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers Discussion

    Man, Oda's writting is pure shit now.. what is this.
  11. Eustass

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Discussion

    Now Oda is creating whole groups of characters to be one shotted..
  12. Eustass

    Character Discussion Sanji's character development analysis in Chapter 1,005!

    I think Oda lurks around here and just wants to see Sanji fans pissed off honestly lmao
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    What Are You Currently Listening To

    The GOAT lyricist of Hip Hop. RIP to the one and only, MF DOOM. His death was announced in 31 December of 2020.. Legendary, underground rapper. The man known as your rapper's favourite rapper. R.I.P, and dont forget ALL CAPS WHEN YOU SPELL THE MAN'S NAME. MF DOOM. 1609797492 Thank you for...
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    One Piece Chapter 1000: Straw Hat Luffy

    So.. is that it? Predictable as hell.. expected much more information tbh but still extremely well done. Just expected much more.
  15. Eustass

    One Piece - Chapter 999 : The Sake I Brew While Waiting for You

    Yet WB sailed to Marineford to fight against the strongest force in the world bringing his whole "treasure" with him. I think he was talking about Wano citizens, which would also be stupid cause he would be freeing them
  16. Eustass

    Speculations Who In One Piece Is A Stoner?

    Meth head seems more of his thing 😂 whole crew actually
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    Questions & Mysteries How Many Of You Actually Like Mihawk?

    No problems with Mihawk but he has nothing on neither
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    General & Others Which arc felt more dangerous? Whole Cake Island or Wano?

    In WCI people at least got worried when Luffy was captured by a Yonko. And prison was hard, not training and having fun.