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  1. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Speculations The Krieg pirates could be legitimately strong when they return

    Krieg was a scumbag, I doubt that he would help the strawhats (unless it's against some global threat, like the WG in the "final war"). He actually fits like a glove in the Blackbeard Pirates (although he isn't confirmed to be a BBP, he may just be strolling around Hachinosu... I mean, Moria...
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    Current Events Does Venus have a Kokuto?

    Yeah, he was already hailed as "King", but that bum Cyrano was considered a first-class swordsman too... and with his further One Piece's development ("God of the Blade", "Ryuma was an one-eyed swordsman", etc.), he could be very well still improving (he at least faced an opponent who was able...
  3. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Current Events Does Venus have a Kokuto?

    He could've just left Shusui as it was though. It didn't need to be a black blade by then, as Ryuma doesn't seem to be in his prime yet.
  4. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Current Events Does Venus have a Kokuto?

    Just a comment, Oda already did this kind of retcon before, and it was for Shusui. In Monsters, it's just a regular blade, but for the 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation (supervised by Oda), Shusui is a black blade already. P.S.: I don't think that Nusjuro has a black blade, at least for now.
  5. Kung-Fu Dugong

    General & Others Is the world not supposed to know that Luffy is Joy Boy?

    If regular Impel Down level 6's prisoners are erased from history, imagine Joy Boy... the only places that could've some memory of him are isolated countries like Elbaf (in other words, places that can't be meddled with). The other problem is that Luffy himself probably don't know about the...
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    General & Others If the straw hats were like traditional pirate crews

    Wasn't Gin the Combat Commander of the Krieg Pirates? He would be a better fit for Zoro's division (we don't even know if he can cook). Anyway, I'd hate it... just having those extremely long arcs with lots of side characters (e.g.: SH Grand Fleet, Minks, Samurai, etc.) already takes a LOT of...
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    Future Events The hunt for Roger pirates

    They would've already done it if they were able to. I mean, Big Mom was sailing the seas since Rocks' era and had the Underworld Emperors on the palm of her hand (they're at least wary enough to not decline a Tea Party's invite), and still couldn't find a single Roger Pirate to forcefully give...
  8. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Future Events The hunt for Roger pirates

    They're probably in hiding and have unknown whereabouts, so I doubt that anyone would be able to even have a clue about them. If the marines couldn't find Rayleigh, who lived pretty close to Marineford (now G-1), and Crocus, who lived in the only known (safe) way for a pirate to enter the Grand...
  9. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Speculations Sengoku and Tsuru are doing a prisoner trade with Teach

    I don't think that the WG would make Hachinosu an affliliated country just to get Garp back. In the end, I think that the BB Pirates will claim Garp's bounty from Cross Guild... and that could possibly lead to a conflict. Is the CG able to pay for Garp while Buggy admitted that he was penniless...
  10. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Questions & Mysteries God Valley: Whitebeard or Uranus?

    I don't particularly think that Gura Gura was there, but Ginny could've only mentioned these 2 fruits because they would be useful in their escape (both of them allow the user to fly and carry/transport other people too). However, what makes it very unlikely is that Ivankov didn't knew the...
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    Powers & Abilities How strong would Chrollo Lucilfer be in the op verse?

    He wouldn't be that strong, I think that he would be around East Blue's kingpin level (Krieg/Arlong, in terms of strength/power at least, but with his wits he could get much higher). In order to steal abilities, he must meet 4 conditions, including having the victim touch the handprint of his...
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    Questions & Mysteries Do you think Ju Peter is actually trying to save the Cipher Pol Agents?

    I think that he's simply trying to destroy the broadcast snail. As he doesn't know where it is, he's just sucking all the living things he finds to his stomach... 😂
  13. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Chapter Discussion How much do the Fleet Admirals know?

    Didn't read chapter #1116 when I wrote this, but after reading it I think that Sengoku and Akainu know more than I previously thought. IMO, they still don't know about Imu though (maybe they only have a hunch). It's weird, really... what if the Fleet Admiral didn't accept this flooding thing...
  14. Kung-Fu Dugong

    General & Others When was the last time a villain...

    Akainu is still there, there's still a possibility of him being one of the final arc's main villains (or THE main villain). On top of that, the Gorosei are pre-skip villains too.
  15. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Chapter Discussion How much do the Fleet Admirals know?

    I don't think they know that much. Kong's and Sengoku's knowledge probably stems from the years of experience at the sea + the proximity they had with the WG higher ups. Even if they didn't see (or sense) Imu, they probably noticed that there were someone else pulling the strings. On top of...
  16. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Questions & Mysteries God Valley: Whitebeard or Uranus?

    It's possible, but there were so many top guns with island-busting capabilities there, we can't really determine what happened until it actually appears on a flashback (or Oda says on a SBS, something like that). Gura Gura WB certainly had the power to destroy an island, but this would leave...
  17. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Future Events The Original Twenty World Government Kings Are Still Alive

    I'm almost sure that they're dead, I don't see how this can change it. However, even with all the og kings dead, it can still be a foreshadowing for the "future"... I mean, if the "ancient kingdom" had the amazing technology that Vegapunk says, they probably could've recorded all (or most of)...
  18. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Questions & Mysteries Where is Jupiter?

    He was hired to be the villain of the new Tremors movie.
  19. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Questions & Mysteries Was giving Chinjao coc a good decision or bad

    Chinjao was broken, like the filler anime character Naguri (from the Post-Marineford arc filler). As Chinjao himself implied, there are countless conquerors in the Grand Line, but most of them get wasted by the strongest of the flock (e.g.: Roger, emperors, admirals, etc.). Something similar...
  20. Kung-Fu Dugong

    Chapter Discussion Roshio survived! (Chapter #1.115)

    Dude was stabbed, shot, incinerated, thrown from a 4 storey building and hit by Bellamy's Spring Hopper technique (chapter #222). After the battle, everyone thought that he died (chapter #224). Considering the damage, it seems that he actually put up a fight against Bellamy even after so many...