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  1. RogerRogerd

    Chapter Discussion Kagura Bachi - chapter 36

    I need to see the ceremony for passing down the storehouse technique too. How does Hakuri have it??? Is the ceremony actually not requried??? Hope we get to see more bloodline techniques.
  2. RogerRogerd

    Spoiler JJK Chapter 262 Spoilers

    Sukuna's CT is actually just the incredible output and efficiency of his Binding Vows. The end is so soon but it feels like I haven't gotten enough. What about Kenjaku's Merger? We haven't heard about it in forever. Is Rika the vessel for the Merger?? What about Yuki's spirit research...
  3. RogerRogerd

    Manga Discussion KAGURA BACHI

    Hakuri can use the family vault technique? Wild.
  4. RogerRogerd

    Chapter Discussion Chapter 261: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 33

    Bro the lack of Heian era shit and the wet tissue use of the anicent era sorcerers gotta be the most disappointing shit of all time. As a big fan of Yokai themed manga/anime this was the bigger L for JJK for me. When season 1 finished and I started actually reading through it I realized its just...
  5. RogerRogerd

    Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 260: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 32

    That would be crazy cooking by Gege. Haven't seen any mention of Panda till he turned into a dinosaur (finally) and got his head cut off by Farmer Killer all in the same chapter. My bet is the guy in the silhouette is either someone from the Gojo clan or another Cursed Object Sorcerer from the...
  6. RogerRogerd

    Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 259: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 31

    Binding Vows bc they're more or less invisible. You turn the page or you look away from the screen for like 10 seconds and narrator be like: "Miwa used a Binding Vow to show the viewers her feet in exchange for the return of Hiromi Higuruma". And then Higuruma is back on the next page. We at...
  7. RogerRogerd

    Versus Battle Yuji vs Yuki

    Yeah I mean Kenny is no joke. His RCT and DE reinforcement is probably better than Yuki's and just under Yuji's, not to mention he's literally a zombie. After his head was cut off he could literally still talk for a bit. So its not an anti-feat for him to block Yuki's punches if they're both...
  8. RogerRogerd

    JJK 259 spoilers

    The Kamino "Divine Furance" hype has died. The requirement for him to use Cleave and Dismantle first is borderline meaningless and not at all interesting. You're telling me the censor black box was just Greg not telling us the name of the technique that looks like it might be really strong fire...
  9. RogerRogerd

    Versus Battle Yuji vs Yuki

    Yuki lowdiffs Yuji even at this point in the story. The Sukuna he's facing rn is borderline unscalable with the amount of binding vows, black flashes, soul rattling, and weak ass slashes. With what we know it almost seems like the Sukuna right after fighting Yuta would have lost to Gojo...
  10. RogerRogerd

    JJK 258 Spoilers

    Sukuna using every Binding Vow and chant imaginable. I guess that's why he's the King of Curses. "If I can use a bit of my domain I won't piss for 6 months pls let me get this boost" type shit Is it possible he used Chimera Shadow Garden as a base and just put his own CT in it? I mean the...
  11. RogerRogerd

    JJK 257 Spoilers

    Isn't it weird how at this point both Yuji and Sukuna are both cannibals but Yuji is seen as the noble one? For y'know eating like 5+ of his brothers and also parts of his uncle. But Sukuna doing it to not starve is fucked up?
  12. RogerRogerd

    Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 251: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 23

    The only reason I see why Sukuna/narrator would be hyping up Hakari and Higuruma is because they have brand new CTs to him. Note that he has probably only firsthand seen 2 techniques that are for sure (100%) new to him. Geto's Fangirls phone technique (idk their names) Higuruma's Judgeman Both...
  13. RogerRogerd

    Controversial I think flying thunder god is by far the most broken jutsu in the verse

    I've always wondered how Flying Raijin would fare against Shinobi with terrain altering jutsu. Specifically like Kisame and his giant ass bubble jutsu. Sure he can feel exactly where his sealed kunai are but I can't imagine he can throw them very far in the water. Something like Lava Release...
  14. RogerRogerd

    Chapter Discussion Jacob's ladder was underwhelming asf

    I really do not think it works as strongly as Angel and other people gasses it up to work. I'm sure it has the same CT nullifying effects as Miguel's whip but just way more so. IIRC the only two feats before this was blasting a box open and turning off mid blast because the user was horny for...
  15. RogerRogerd

    Chapter Discussion 10S is a perfect technique for Yuta

    I am still clueless as to what the condition is for Yuta copying other CT's could be. Bc in JJK 0 he just kinda uses Cursed Speech and its not really explained. Sukuna's quote about him eating his finger makes it seem like a condition for using his technique. Kinda iffy but it makes sense given...
  16. RogerRogerd

    General & Others Jujutsu Kaisen - General Discussion

    Hey guys new here, can anyone give me a decent explanation of how Projection Sorcery works? After reading both Naoya and Naobitos fight and watching the anime, it still makes 0 sense to me how it gives the user speed. The narrator says that it gives "more speed" if you stack it but it doesn't...
  17. RogerRogerd

    Questions & Mysteries Ok Seriously, Why Isn't Sukuna Using The Flames ?

    I've always had the head canon that Fuga means opening a box of sorts. The box containing CTs that aren't actually his. So I think that him using the flames is related to that and also maybe the startup time to use it. He used it against Jogo in a mexican stand off and against Mahoraga while he...