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  1. BigAmmi

    Current Events Clashing Gorosei

    They truly believe that the elders consider zolo more dangerous than nika lmao
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    Questions & Mysteries What’s the better feats? UNLOCKING ACOC OR FORGING A BLACK BLADE

    Haki has an obvious connection with black blade, but it isn't enough There is a secret about them that only two people in history have discovered At least 15 fighters have acoc, but only 3 of them have a black blade So...
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    Break Week Shiryu stealing Yoru is a real possibility

    The only way that shiliew can use to touch mihawk's sword is with his body when mihawk is cutting him in half :yodaswag:
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    Character Discussion Truly Overwhelming Presence

    They are the final villains for a reason
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    Future Events Shanks vs Zoro not happening

    What?!?!?!?! :suresure: They would rape his ass lmao
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    Current Events Gorosei can sense "danger level" of incoming attack

    So zoro > nika + crew + kuma? :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure:
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece 1117:Mo-

    And they consider a midd chapter a good chapter only for the 3 panels :milaugh::willight:
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece 1117:Mo-

    One thing is certain in this manga: u can easily find the useless characters by their "..." :yodaswag: 1718301860 They have no hope
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece 1117:Mo-

    This is low distance. Zoro is fast in low distance (e.g shishi sonson is very fast) and has op reflex at this point But i'm talking about medium-long distance, he is "slow" he is not even comparable to sanji's speed in fact he needs jinbe's help
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    Chapter Discussion One Piece 1117:Mo-

  11. BigAmmi

    Chapter Discussion One Piece 1117:Mo-

    "Woro is faster than sanjino" Sanji almost speedblitzed nasjuro Zoro needs jinbe like at dressrosa when he needed orlumbus :risitavirus: Joking apart he really needs to improve his speed on medium-long distance because mihawk is fast as fuck The clash is pretty cool and it show the...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1117 Spoilers Discussion

    One thing was very strange about mugiwara in this arc: zoro doesn't faced a stronger enemy... since now :gotres: Since dressorsa with fujitora, in every important arc oda lets zoro had 1/2 pages against someone stronger or way stronger than him Finally here we are :optimistic: :gotres:
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    Powers & Abilities Why don’t people value future sight?

    Because they consider it an old power up and so they don't take it seriously
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    General & Others The yonkos titles

    Buggy > netero :kata::goyea:
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    Character Discussion Zoro is not the fighter of the crew he is the swordsman

    It's literally the only thing that he can do: fighting He doesn't have any other purpose
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    Questions & Mysteries How did Mihawk make a black blade and Roger couldn't??

    There are only two facts, no head canon here First Wb was word strongest man even when he was old He, very likely, was weaker than others top tiers only when he started to be sick This means only one thing: no sick old wb (the strongest man) > prime mihawk, shanks, kaido ecc Second Roger...