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    Questions & Mysteries Victoria And Kidd??

    Who's this Veronica? Isn't it Victoria?
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    Powers & Abilities The awakening of Clear fruit

    Invisible Air Slash? If you don't have Observation you screwed
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    Speculations Ryokugyu is just a paramecia

    He has Awakened Paramecia, that's why his finger can turn into branch, it's that simple His power exactly like Poison Ivy It maybe Plant Plant or Grow Grow but we already have Binz ability Mosa Mosa no mi (even though we can count that as canon)
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    Character Discussion Gear4 and Kaido design is not original?! Or its got copied?!

    Idk if this is a troll or not 🤦🏻‍♂️ First of Gatotkaca is a myth from Indonesia, which he doesn't look anything like that skin at all so no point arguing there Second Kaido based of Oni and Azure Dragon from Chinese myth, also Oda already draw Blue Dragon way before Mobile Legend even exist...
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    Powers & Abilities What it takes to defeat Kaido...

    Don't forget Raizo try to decapitate him when the raid began
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    Break Week If Enel was a warlord, One Piece would have been on time with it's 5 year deadline

    If Akainu the main character, One Piece should've ended years ago See what i mean?
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    Powers & Abilities If Law can remove sound in room...

    He's a doctor, not a murderer. He is bound by doctor code :cheers:
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    Current Events Worstgen has better fight choreographies than Oda

    Jesus Christ almost everything on this forum complaining, fitting to it's name. U should write your own manga then
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    General & Others Oda is not paying attention

    It's shows up fine with me If it's still not just google "CP0 ship" they'll show you from the anime
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    General & Others Oda is not paying attention

    Ironic how you think it's a Marine ship when it's clearly a CP ship. Maybe you should pay more attention.