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  1. Talkshit D Gethit

    Thanks everyone I love you all. Peace out hombrea F yeah!!!

    Thanks everyone I love you all. Peace out hombrea F yeah!!!
  2. Talkshit D Gethit

    General & Others Luffy having a Nika Fruit, does not change anything. Luffy is the best fighter in the series.

    He fought wild animals as a kid. That's a form of physical training bro. Also I don't have the panel but luffy said to one of the straw hats he wanted to train so he ran around an island on his hands. Soooo he does work on his physique, he just does it in unorthodox methods.
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    Cheers for the Bday wishes yall

    Cheers for the Bday wishes yall
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    Theory Thor's hammer could be the one piece treasure???..

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'll think about that one
  5. Talkshit D Gethit

    One Piece Chapter 1000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Isn't it Red Roc ? As in the mythological bird of prey.
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    Powers & Abilities The Game of Feats and Portrayal started officially and Kaido is the judge with his statements

    Add the fact that people like you make, other humans hate on Zoro when originally they liked him. It's just gay cunts out there feel like they need to suck cock to get a non existent point out there. Everyone in that panel was standing in there stance that suits there personality that's all...
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    Theory Green Bull True Powers "God of Storm" | One Piece Theory ch 999+

    Could you write it so I can read it. I can not read a video only watch. But I'm not on youtube so I'd like to read.
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    Powers & Abilities Why King is stronger than Katakuri and far stronger than Queen ?

    Was reading this expecting to read some good points, because I like king and he's whole design. But now I'm left thinking Kata is a boss and your just a salty little bitch about something someone probably said to you. So this thread = Katakuri being a boss as cunnnnnnny while anyone you like or...
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    Theory (Captain Kid) Eustass D. Ki, grand son of Rocks D. Xebec

    Whoever says Eustass. D . Ki either is special ed or is the mastermind behind the aids virus. I'll let you pick
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    Powers & Abilities How Devil Fruits Alter Bodies

    Nice nice. I can tell your head is going nuts on this, but it's not worth it until we find out a little more. Yeeew to the yew
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    Theory Yamato's Devil Fruit

    I heard she was half dragon, meaning no Df and she can only go hybrid mode. Because she's half half nah sayin. Where as Kaido is a full Dragon and can't go hybrid, just humanoid and full dragon.
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    I ment a crew of minks. Not all of em lol
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    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    Yamato is 100% joining. And carrot will lead minks in the grandfleet. Meaning the grandfleet will have every race bah the longnecks
  14. Talkshit D Gethit

    Theory What are the real criteria for CoC Haki useage?

    Panals of the many times Zoro was mistaken to be captain, other then that one time in Sabaony.
  15. Talkshit D Gethit

    Theory Luffy has 99% chance of dying

    Luffy dies next chapter.