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  1. comrade

    Powers & Abilities Will Zoro surpass Roger in power?

    Some argue that Zoro will be the strongest swordsman who ever existed, since this is the essence of a Shounen. Do you believe Zoro will surpass even Roger in strength, even though his end goal is a guy who stands below Kaido, who in turn is below Roger? Or will he just be the WSS in the great...
  2. comrade

    Powers & Abilities Golem Pica's height is no more than 360m

    There is a debate going on in the comment section, where some argue Pica has a height of over 1km, to approximately 1,5km. Calculations that are trying to prove that Zoro's ISDS is in the Megaton or Gigaton range or whatever. Thus, I represent why Pica's height is no more than 360m. Doing it in...
  3. comrade

    Questions & Mysteries What if everything went according to Doflamingo's plans?

    - Doffy foils Luffy's and Law's plans - Keeps the smile factory and stays ruler of Dressrosa without citizens doubting him, while doing business with Kaido - Has Law perform the immortality surgery on himself, while also getting his hands on the Ope fruit through rebirth (akin to the Mera)...
  4. comrade

    Powers & Abilities Garp did not punch Marco out of his regeneration/Zoan form

    I often hear people saying that Garp punched Marco "out of his Zoan form" or "out of his regeneration", which proves how advanced his Haki is. That's fallacious in my opinion. Since Marco is not a logia, he is technically not bypassing attacks, he takes them with his body. Kizaru's lasers were...
  5. comrade

    Powers & Abilities Breath of all things = symbiosis of adv. CoA + adv. CoO

    In the early series, it was explained that a true swordsmaster is able to cut everything he desires, while at the same time cutting nothing. Later in Udon it was elaborated, that this ability is contributed to the advanced form of CoA. Hyogoro said that by letting the Haki flow through the blade...
  6. comrade

    General & Others Your favorite abilities and techniques which are not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu?

    As the manga progressed, powers not related to Uchiha, Senju and Bijuu, faded more and more from the spotlight. My question is, what powers and abilities do you like apart from those powers? How would you build your character and his abilities not using Sharingan, Rinnegan, Bijuu or Hashirama's...
  7. comrade

    Questions & Mysteries Will Enel return?

    Enel said that he will return some day. Did Oda forget about it or does he not care about him anymore. It's especially interesting, since we saw Enel's side story, where he landed on the moon, explored ruins and found a civilization. I am sure those things on the moon are of significance when...
  8. comrade

    Base Kaido vs Cracker

    A lot of people say that Cracker had a "match up advantage" against Luffy because he is an evader and stalled boundman with his biscuit soldiers. I asked @HA001 muktiple times whether that match up advantage will work on base Kaido as well and whether base Kaido with his club will tear through...
  9. comrade

    Powers & Abilities How could Kizaru's awakening look like?

    For Akainu and Aokiji it makes sense to change the environment into their element, such as changing the weather. They are natural elements that occur on the earth after all. But how would light look like? Just turning the environment into light to let it explode would be a bit weird. And he...
  10. comrade

    Adjusting avatar for mobile version

    I wonder if it's technically possible to implement a function that allows you to crop your avatar different for mobile version. Since in the mobile version, the avatar appears much smaller than on Desktop, it can make sense to zoom the avatar in only for mobile, while leaving it on Desktop as it...
  11. comrade

    Can access the forum only with Tor

    Using Chrome or Firefox doesn't work for hours. But I am obviously not banned. Maybe it has to do with the IP address or location (germany). Using Tor isn't ideal just for accessing the forum.
  12. comrade

    Rules Vista takes on the Yonko stalling gauntlet

    Instead of Mihawk, Vista interferes with a Yonko, trying him to stop from going after Luffy. He has to stall them for as long as he stalled Mihawk. Shanks/Big Mom/Oldbeard/Kaido Latter 3 are not allowed to use their DF. So ppl don't say "Mihawk was casual" but Yonko go all out. Scenario 2...
  13. comrade

    Future Events Where will the story lead Akainu?

    A question that interests me. We can guess the fate of the Yonko. Kaido will probably go down in Wano, as Big Mom will. Shanks will probably be killed by Blackbeard, while Blackbeard and Luffy will fight for the throne. What is Akainu's role though? Will he rebel against the WG and the...
  14. comrade

    Powers & Abilities Does the invisibility-fruit hide your presence from observation Haki?

    @Bogard @Admiral Lee Hung @Sentinel @TheAncientCenturion @playa4321 @Jo_Ndule @Topi Jerami etc. Shiryu called it a very useful ability. If CoO is able to track you, that ability would be quite useless. If it does not, that ability would actually be quite broken.
  15. comrade

    General & Others Sugar performing her ability on prominent figures - what would the world's reaction be?

    We know that when Sugar performs her ability on someone in order to turn him/her into a toy, everyone else will completely forget about that person. Every exterior information becomes a myth. Now I entertained the thought about Sugar performing her ability on prominent figures. - Roger (in this...