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  1. knuckleheadninja

    Rudd of the Red Mist

    Name: Rudd Epithet (Optional): Rudd of the Red Mist Affiliation: Pirates Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 22 Height: 182 cm Appearance: Color of rage and blood is his favorite to wear. His traditional attire along with a goatee is something he can never compromise. Long flowing hair tied with...
  2. knuckleheadninja

    General & Others Best One Piece Ship

    Which ship do you consider the best design wise? And which one is your favorite? Here are the few I can remember.
  3. knuckleheadninja

    Questions & Mysteries Black Clover World and beyond

    We have seen every Kingdom there is in current scenario, Spade, Diamond, Clover and Heart. Spade Kingdom is the only capable threat to Clover currently. Heart is already an ally and Diamond kingdom is almost annihilated by Spade. I don't think there is much left to offer from these Kingdoms. Do...
  4. knuckleheadninja

    Powers & Abilities Luffy's Gear 5th

    Looking at the enemies luffy is about to face in future( Kaido, Akainu, Blackbeard and World Government etc.) I don't think Gear 4 is powerful enough. We have seen three form of Gear 4 so far Boundman, Tankman and Snakeman. He used all three to fight Yonko commander level characters. There are...
  5. knuckleheadninja

    General & Others Stupid Things in One Piece

    What are some stupid things in One Piece according to you? It can be actions, decisions, aspects or anything related to a character, story line in One piece. For ex - I think decision of Whitebeard going on an all out war against Marines was somehow stupid. It was very certain that they would...
  6. knuckleheadninja

    Setting up a Graphic shop

    There should be a Graphic Shop in Graphic Field section. A graphic team will handle that thread. Users can request Avatars and Signatures from anyone from graphic team. Users should properly mention what kind of work they expect and want. Being in Graphic team is totally voluntary, people who...
  7. knuckleheadninja

    Pirate Crews and Pirate King

    The idea is basically to allow users above certain ranks to create their own Crews. Every Crew can use their own Jolly roger/Pirate flag (their own symbol) and choose a name for the Crew. Crews can have their own separate theme applicable on its members for ex- If someones makes a crew based on...
  8. knuckleheadninja

    Hii everyone

    Hey everyone, Knuckleheadninja here. I have been looking for a nice community from a very long time. Glad I found my way here. I am from India and a huge One Piece and Naruto maniac. Also, I used to be a part of Marineford Forum. Looking forward to this Journey.