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  1. Doggo

    Speculations Power, Leadership, and Knowledge. The three aspects of the Ancient Weapons.

    Hello everyone. This is NOT a Sanji thread, don't worry about it. :P This morning I was casually looking at some past chapters from Wano. Then, I came across this particular page. Then it fucking hit me. Wait...Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? TWO sovereigns??? Born in 10 years? Then we have this...
  2. Doggo

    Character Discussion Teas, webs, and a man's resolution. Why is the "Black Maria" plotline a moment of Character Development for Sanji?

    A few disclaimers. This thread is not made with the intention of convincing anyone to LIKE the characters or his quirks. This is purely to explain the narrative implications of a controversial plot about Sanji's character. There were so many Sanji threads these last days, that I actually wanted...
  3. Doggo

    Character Discussion Sanji, the "Paladin" of the Straw Hat crew.

    Hello everyone, some of you know and like me, some hate me, and some have no freaking idea of who I am. To all of you, I'm here today to talk a little about a character that sparks some....controversial opinions: Sanji, the cook from the Straw Hats! "WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THIS VIRGIN SIMP PIECE OF...
  4. Doggo

    Powers & Abilities Haki, Swords, DF's and the "Suspension of disbelief" in One Piece manga.

    Hello all, this topic is something that I've been wanting to discuss for some time, and, after seeing the aftermath of chapter 1001, seemed like a good moment to bring it up. Since I'm relatively new to this forum, I don't know if this have been brought up before, so I apologize if I'm not...