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    Future Events Fire Festival on Fire - How will the Evacuation play out?

    Fire has finally kicked in, causing havoc and chaos everywhere inside the castle. The epicenter is the 3rd Floor. Strawhats are coordinating to evacuate, we saw Brook contacting Jimbe who's still in the Cat Cafè on the 4th Floor to alert him that they need to move their asses asap. Franky also...
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    Powers & Abilities Beast Pirates Weapons - Which one is your favourite?

    Beast Pirates showed a large variety of weapons in combat, each different from the others. Oda took inspiration from several cultures and assigned a weapon to the majority of them depending on their fighting style. Which of these do you like the most? KAIDO'S KANABO Kaido wields a giant kanabo...
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    Character Discussion Killer's Payback Night

    But sadly today is not that day, that's why I'm here to do the thinking part for you. I saw a lot of people questioning Killer's status recently, especially since when he stopped to confront Hawkins and let Kidd go ahead in his hunt. Pitiful. But let's start from the beginning, why is Killer...
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    Current Events Eustass "Captain" Kidd & "Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar D. Water Law vs "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin

    How will this teamwork play out? We saw that Kidd and Law's ability combined are great against lightning: Kidd against Linlin's "Shiva's Wrath", using his detached metal arms as conductors Kidd building a Faraday cage Law shambling Zeus inside Kidd's Faraday cage But we should also consider...
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    Speculations Is Eustass Kidd the 1% man?

    As we all know, there's a particular man with 1% chance of surviving hangin' around in Onigashima "that man" We had the confermation that Killer is not that man last chapter (1011), since he has 8% Now in this chapter (1012) we had a cover with Kidd, in which he wears an apron with 99%...
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    What's your job/profession?

    Just checkin' :kayneshrug:
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    Speculations If Law and Zoro will go back into the dome, they'll meet Hawkins

    They'll meet and this will bring the 1% plotline back. The 1% is either Luffy, Zoro or Law.
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    Chapter Discussion Kidd Pirates and Charlotte Linlin - What's next?

    - How do you expect the Kidd-Killer-Big Mom situation to evolve? - - What favor did Prometheus ask to Big Mom? - - What's up with the clouds? -
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    Speculations Jimbe vs Who's Who - Expectations

    Who's Who is the most mysterious F5, the one we saw the least in action and arguably the one with the best DF. This battle also hinted at a backstory since their first meeting, on the 4th floor of Onigashima castle. What are your expectations on: - Who's Who fighting style - - The...
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    Powers & Abilities Killer is the first person to disarm Charlotte Linlin

    I just want to point out something that has been overlooked: Killer menaged to disarm Linlin and was the first person to do it on-panel (correct me if I'm wrong). When Killer and Zoro attacked Linlin, Napoleon was well tight in her hand. But Killer still menaged to disarm her, with one of his...
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    Character Discussion Who's Who and Sasaki are hugely underrated

    Both Who's Who and Sasaki get slept on a lot, these 2 are supposed to be as dangerous as Calamities or really near to them Especially Who's Who
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    Speculations What do you expect from Chapter 1007?

    Imo: Chopper-centred chapter with him ending the antibody and starting to destribute it (saving Hyogoro in time) Drake and Apoo interactions (possibly Apoo officially chosing a side) Marco starting to fall in a 3v1 Reveal of Sanji decision Showcase of Jimbe vs Who's Who
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    Current Events The 4 Big Questions about Chapter 1006

    - Which route did Sanji chose? - Will Perospero join Marco or gang against him? - Will Hyogoro really die? - What's Apoo going to do? Use the poll
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    Future Events Diez "Red Flag" Drake v. Queen "the Plague"

    I'll explain here why I think this, trying to be concise Since when Diez Drake was introduced in Sabaody, was hinted at him knowing Vegapunk We later saw him entering the New World and reaching a mechanized island under Kaido's control. Here he attacks Scotch, a cyborg, to get Kaido's...
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    Speculations Where's Queen and what's he gonna do?

    He's the only Calamity not shown in the chapter King is fighting Marco on the Live Floor Jack is descending the castle to reach the Scabbards and kill them Queen is nowhere to be seen tho, where's him and what's he gonna do?
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    Questions & Mysteries How would have the war changed with Doflamingo in Onigashima?

    Oda recently said that Doflamingo was supposed to be present in Onigashima, but things changed. Assuming that Doflamingo (Joker) was present at the Onigashima Fire Festival as Kaido's ally, with his crew, how do you think the build up, match ups, and outcome of the war would have changed?
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    Speculations Sanji's bad relationship with webs

    Was this some kind of foreshadowing? :kayneshrug:
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    Future Events What will Apoo do?

    Apoo acted as a "mini-boss" of the Live Floor during the first part of the Raid, battling against Luffy, Zoro, Kidd and Drake in different occasions He received a lot of damage from Kidd, Zoro and Drake And seems to be KOed at this point, but showed to be an endurance monster so he could be...
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    Character Discussion Who thinks Killer will die?

    Just checking