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  1. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Would a Skinny Queen ACTUALLY Be Too Popular

    Wondering about it since he said it......not gonna lie, I kinda believe him Where do you think Skinny Queen would top out in a Popularity poll? :queenhear:
  2. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Can Law move Shanks

    I just don’t think Oda needed to make Haki the reason Law can’t move BM & Kaido. I’m was skeptical he could move em either way They’re behemoths denser than ships. Even without Haki, I think Law (at full HP) would maybe have barely enough juice for 1 room big enough for them, & that’s with...
  3. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Does Anyone else Feel Bad for Kaido that Yamato Idolizes Oden

    Just on a father level, that would really really sting. In spite of how horrible Kaido is, having your daughter love one of your worst enemies so much that she wants to be a man & adopts the same dream would catch me right in the feelings. Definitely salt on the wound that Kaido beat Oden by...
  4. Longleg Larry

    Powers & Abilities Devil Fruits w/ Multiple Users: Who Used it Better

    So there's 6, here's who I thought wore it better Mera Mera no mi: Ace then Sabo Winner: Sabo (cuz he combines it with his staff) Gura Gura no mi: Whitebeard then Blackbeard Winner: Whitebeard (For now, BB might outshine him in an evil way) Mane Mane no mi...
  5. Longleg Larry

    Powers & Abilities What Zoan Animals Would Definitely Belong to Villains

    The character alignment of a lot of the Zoan users usually line up with their animals' real life portrayals Not a shock that animals like horse, hawk, falcon, & phoenix all belong to heroic characters :goyea: Definitely predicable that animals like wolf, leopard, spider, dinosaurs, & a...
  6. Longleg Larry

    General & Others "Fake" Characters besides the SHs that You Wanna See

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Here's my top: 5. Fake Garp 4. Fake Shanks 3. Fake Kuma (might just be Pandaman) 2. Fake Akainu 1. Just gonna say it; "FAKE NEWS" MORGANS :kayneshrug:
  7. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Why didn't Might Guy die

    Don't get me wrong, Guy's my all time fave. So a part of me definitely woulda died if he did. But frankly, I think Guy got cheated He was about to go out in the most epic way possible - Protecting his friends - Relying on nothing but his own inner power - Making the Sharingan look like shit...
  8. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Was One Piece the Best Part of 2020

    Needless to say, this years been a doozie:specialmeh: Losing jobs, losing loved ones, & just overall losing your mind w/ the lockdown (Looking ur way States) Not a ton to be thankful for. But I can think of at least one thing... or piece:myman: Personally speaking, the best part of my year was...
  9. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Are You Gonna Skip Ch. 1000 Spoilers

    Spoilers never bothered me at all & I never really lose any enjoyment so I always read em as soon as I can. But something about the milestone makes me hesitate. But I'm also not sure I can stop myself :chopoff:
  10. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Favorite COVID-Approved Character Design

    No one escapes the Rona, not even fictional characters. Some of em saw it comin & covered up. But who's going through the pandemic with the most style? For me, can't beat Karasu's golden-oldie plague mask
  11. Longleg Larry

    Powers & Abilities How many Ulti headbutts can each SH take

    So far 3 SHs (2 from Weakling trio:suresure:) have taken at least 1 Ulti headbutt. Luffy ate it like lunch & could take way more, Usopp looks like a 3rd will be his limit, & Nami said a 2nd headbutt would kill her & I believe her. But how would the rest of the SHs do? Here's how I see it...
  12. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion Anyone else Feel Bad for Perospero

    His face just unfairly got turned into a deli platter #1: He didn't kill diddly #2: He already lost an arm #3: His own mother didn't give a shit, just flew past him Don't get me wrong, he still sucks & his tongue gives me the willies :whitepress: But there are actual reasons to hate him...
  13. Longleg Larry

    Break Week Which character has the best prosthetic limb(s)

    When I think of it, lots of characters are working with missing pieces. Some are comfy enough to just rock the stump like Shanks, Kyros, Jozu, Kiku Then there's 1 with the hax ability to just reattach it. :lawbepo: But I'm talkin bout the characters who wanted to get the most outta empty space...
  14. Longleg Larry

    Speculations Is Kin’emon gonna pull a Drax

    After that sick flame slice, Kaido’s mouth is wide open. Is Kin gonna pull a Drax the Destroyer
  15. Longleg Larry

    General & Others How Do You Feel about Plans in General

    We've seen alotta plans, in alotta varieties. From well-thought-out to half-baked to LEROY JENKINS (Lookin at us Luffy). But how do u personally feel about plans? Worthwhile? Waste of time?
  16. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Anyone Surprised Yamato's Cuffs were Real

    It's Kaido?!?! Course they were real. Didn't need Haki for that one :kaidowhat: Also, didnt he beat her all throughout her childhood? I just dont get Yamato's shock
  17. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Do You Have/Would You Ever Get a OP Tattoo

    Don’t have one yet, but considering how much I think about OP, it’s pretty much just a matter of time. I’m thinking something to do with this guy :brootea:
  18. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Where are Franky & Brook

    They’re the SH group I’m by far the most hyped to see. Definitely gonna have the most SUPER adventure Oda still hasn’t shown us anything from them yet :lusalty: We’ve heard from everyone else Luffy/Zoro: Epic Usopp/Chopper: Hilarious Robin/Jinbe: Awesome Nami/Carrot: Theres potential but I...
  19. Longleg Larry

    Speculations Can Luffy & Apoo Still be Friends

    I really hope so, they’re the 2 fun-lovers in a generation of downers. Personality-wise, they’re peas in a pod, even more than him & Zoro. On paper, Apoo & Luffy should end up best buddies. If we don’t get Apoo v. Brook, we at least deserve an Apoo/Luffy/Brook/Usopp/Franky jam session