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  1. Longleg Larry

    General & Others The Best Interactions in Wano?

    This bro-ment right here; Whitebeard & Kinemon in full agreement that Oden is a shithead :odenugh: Fist bump for the ages
  2. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Do You Have/Would You Ever Get a OP Tattoo

    I did it few days after I started this thread (SH JR, left shoulder). NO RAGRETS :kayneshrug:
  3. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion Kaido is a bland and uninteresting antagonist

    Brute strength-wise, Doffy & Kata together wouldn't even be warm-up. That's what Kaido is; a brute. And nobody cares if brutes are masterminds. So just let him go smashy smashy, it's what he's good at & it's his passion. Honestly, the only thing I find disappointing about Kaido is that Katakuri...
  4. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Would a Skinny Queen ACTUALLY Be Too Popular

    Wondering about it since he said it......not gonna lie, I kinda believe him Where do you think Skinny Queen would top out in a Popularity poll? :queenhear:
  5. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion What are your thoughts on Jinbe vs Who's Who?

    The speed the the fight didn't bother me. Jinbe held the same title as Mihawk (no, the other one) If we're talkin fighting style, Jinbes' is pretty boring & WsW picked up the slack Motivation-wise, WsW was pretty weak & Jinbes' response picked up the slack Overall, they both added to each other.
  6. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Black CoA is too ugly

    It's awesome. I kinda think Shanks & Rayleigh were lame for not coating.
  7. Longleg Larry

    Ask the user below you a question.

    Sarcasm Would you rather be turned into a soup or salad?
  8. Longleg Larry

    Rate the avatar above you

  9. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries We will never see their faces.

    I'm still salty about the Doflamingo blue-balling
  10. Longleg Larry

    Current Events Why is Raizo vs Fuku getting more focus than Kinemon vs Kanjuro?

    There’s only so much of a traitor people wanna see. Scabbard-wise, I prefer Raizo to Kinemon & Kanjuro (if he counts) anyway, so I’m glad the focus is on him. Plus Enel never made use of his dangly earlobes of death, so Fuku had to pick up the slack
  11. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion To all of you who hate Oden's character.

    Oden is much more power hungry than he gets credit for. He couldn’t decide between being a pirate & royalty, which made him suck at both. He clearly acted like a pirate but never called himself one & used his high status as a safety net for when he got he got his fill. He was just a man with...
  12. Longleg Larry

    This or that

    Amusement park Paper or plastic?
  13. Longleg Larry

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1021 Spoilers Discussion

    Not a good comparison When the likes of Sanji/Brook/Kinemon are pervs, they're beaten up for their perversions, which yes makes it funny. When Momo's a perv, he's rewarded with boobs cuz everyone thinks he's 8. :mihugh:
  14. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion POLL: Was Zoro giving up Shusui an out of character moment for Zoro

    I think Zolo will get Shusui back by the end of Wano Enma probably won’t make it through the arc (fingers crossed Shu comes back) & he’ll need another sword. I think Hiyori will give it back, saying he’s Wano’s new treasure or some shit :sanmoji:
  15. Longleg Larry

    One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin vs. Black Maria

    So, who’s gonna tell Law Luffy cleaned out his fridge? :sanmoji: