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  1. Roronoa-sama

    Speculations Sanji, Jinbei and Yamato who won't fight against an admiral?

    it's clear than luffy and zoro will fight agaisnt an admiral (or fleet admiral) so there are two admiral agaisnt three opponents (Sanji, Jinbei and Yamato). Who of them won't fight agaisnt an admiral?
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    Speculations Captain Kid and Killer

    Unlike the another supernovas (not luffy and zoro) kid and killer were alwayas the only supernova than oda had planinng, but what are their destinies?. If we see his traveling in the new world they have fought agaisnt three of the yonko: Shanks: kid lost his arm kaido: kid and killer lost...
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    Speculations What would be sweet commanders bounty if they would be in the beast crew?

    If we want to know what would be the bounties from sweet commander if they would be in the kaido crew we need calculation the difference between kaido and big mom bounties (to know this bonus of aggressivity). This bonus is 10.5% (kaido bounty is 10.5 % more than Big mom). So the sweet...
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    General & Others Oden knew read poneglyphs, What?

    We know than oda has some problem with oden, but he know to read poneglyphs because he is kozuki doesn't have sense. Robin is one of the most inteligent in the worlds and she needed many time and dedication to learn to read it (and in ohara there were ancients who knew to read it). We are...
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    Speculations Trio conquest of the sea

    These last chapters oda has been writing the trio conquest of the sea who will kill kaido and conquer the seas: Joyboy jr, Ryuma jr and Oden jr @Le Fishe D. Crydo @Debanv @Krusher1357 @Finalbeta @Extravlad @Roronoa Sanji 81 @Zoro D Goat @Orojackson Refugee @Roronoa Sanji 81 @m0nst3Rx @nik87...
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    Questions & Mysteries Gyukimaru and narrator descrived the same Kaido and the dragon who was cut by Ryuma

    Chapter 937 Gyukimaru said: "It is even said that he cut down a dragon that appeared in the skies above the capital" while chapter 968 narrator said: "and in ther cloudy sky of the capital, they saw a giant dragon rising over the shogun's castle. The description between kaido and this dragon is...
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    Anime & Manga Don Le Fishe thread: Sanji Vs Karoo - battle of ducks!

    @Le Fishe D. Crydo has given me an important request and i can't deny him so this is the thread: Both Sanji and Karoo decide to fight on Vivi hurt the duck way! A race around Alabasta to see who worth the heart of the swan princess! (Neither will get it because they ugly ducks) Who will win?
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    Character Discussion Akainu didn't run away unlike Kaido

    we've read that akainu (after he fought agaisnt strongest yonko) was humiliated by shanks and for that the admirals are weaker than yonkos but kaido "the strongest yonko" ran away when he saw shanks:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh: So how it's possible than kaido is the strongest yonko when he did...
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    Speculations Kaido ran away from God Valley

    we know than big mom gave to kaido his devil fruit but why she was given it in the middle of the battel? My speculations is this: when kaido saw the real great pirates (roger, xebec, wb and ray) and the strongest marines (garp and sengoku) he feared for his life and he ran away. Big mom saw him...
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    Character Discussion Who were better as a villian: Crocodile and Doflamingo or Kaido and Big Mom?

    In this post doesn't question who are strong if not who were better between Crocodile and doflamingo or Kaido and big mom (past, plan, representation in his arc...) @Le Fishe D. Crydo @Debanv @Krusher1357 @Finalbeta @Extravlad @Roronoa Sanji 81 @Zoro D Goat @Orojackson Refugee @Roronoa Sanji 81...
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    Le Fishe D. Crydo vs donkey

    The finally battle @Le Fishe D. Crydo vs @donkey: 1) In the water 2) land vs @Zoro D Goat @MonsterZoro @Finalbeta
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    General & Others After 101 chapters kaido and his crew are bad characters

    This thread isn't about the character levels, zoro, sanji... no is about than after 101 chapters (wano: 909-1020) i don't interest me anything about kaido and his crew. I only want to know about rocks crew and zoro cut the kaido, but i'm not interesting about any tobi roppo, calamities or the...
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    Anime & Manga Is Buggy a cook?

    We know that the relationship between zoro and sanji is the same as that of the shanks and the buggy, and since zoro and shanks are swordsmen, it is possible that buggy is a cook @Le Fishe D. Crydo @Debanv @Krusher1357 @Finalbeta @Extravlad @Roronoa Sanji 81 @Zoro D Goat @MonsterZoro @Kuro Ashi...
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    General & Others Usopp is wing too. Wings isn't representation of level or Sanji and Usopp have the same level

    Zoro, sanji and usopp have been represented as the commanders (wings) from luffy since arlong park. Even the same zoro on drerossa said than the crew isn't only luffy and god usopp if not also next wss (Zoro= god usopp in representation in the crew). So the wings aren't the same level or the...
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    Anime & Manga Sanji should be expeled if one of mugis would dead due he couldn't fight agaisnt woman?

    If one of the nakamas weakest (for example nami, chopper or usopp) die due than sanji could fight against woman (for example one of that fight agaisnt smoothie, gion, tsuro or big mom and only sanji can save him/her). Should luffy expel him if he didn't do anything due he can't fight against a...
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    Break Week Mugis vs Kaido

    There are some signs which say mugis would fight against kaido: 1) Mugis have defeated relative easy the kaido subordinates and with little relevance (for example franky vs kumadora or baby5 had more relevance than franky vs sasaki) 2) Marco words: there are a lot of people than they think marco...
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    Anime & Manga Zoro vs King will happen in the next chapter i see the light. @Krusher1357 is a genius

    Now i see the light my friends candy (@Zoro D Goat @MonsterZoro @Vinsmoke D. Zolo moe, nudle) and the false zorofan (@Paperchampion23) always have had reason (more and less) zoro will fight in the next chapter with king. In the next chapters (how @Krusher1357 drawn it) zoro will be recovered...
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    Questions & Mysteries Mihawk used coc to cut Zoro

    i was thinking than the future chapters zoro comment than mihawk used coc to cut him in this epic scene (one of the best scene in the manga) In this scene mihawk teaches him the difference about the first swordman and him due that would be very uncoherent than mihawk didn't use coc. @Le Fishe...
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    Powers & Abilities If King does not have coc why he will fight against Zoro?

    This is the question for the candyboys who are the most want zoro vs king. what would be the reason than zoro wants to fight agaisnt king if he doesn't have coc, because zoro already know to cut fire and he has fought against hybrid kaido (a lot of stronger than yc1) @Zoro D Goat @Le Fishe D...
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    Questions & Mysteries Supreme swords can only use by the legendary pirates

    It's interesting than oda doesn't have given supreme swords to yc, high tier like oden or the same yonkos (napoleon isn't supreme sword and gryphon never was said than was) and he only has given to legendary pirates like Mihawk, Roger and Wb. It's oda says than only legendary pirates can use...