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  1. Hiragaro

    Powers & Abilities King and Queen are awakened - Jack is not

    From the 3 All Stars, i think only King and Queen are awakened Zoan user. The reason is simple, Jack is always bandaged for a very long time after he gets wounded. Queen took alot of damage in the Raid so far, but heals up pretty much instantly. Even when Marco cut him in the face, he was clean...
  2. Hiragaro

    Cool and fun games!

    I am looking for a new game to play, mostly shooter, but i am open for everything. Free to play! Just throw in your recommendations, i would appreaciate it! Edit: Played: Apex Legends, Warface, Ironsight, CoD Warzone, Fortnite (trash) - those are the ones i could remember for now. I am...
  3. Hiragaro

    Powers & Abilities Oda's Kaidou hype is fake

    The most notable ''fact'' about Kaidou is that ''Nobody was/is able to kill him''. I don't buy that. Kaidou was captured multiple times by other Yonkou and Marines, 2 ''factions'' which have the most powerfull people in their lines. And appereantly no one was able to kill Kaidou. On the other...
  4. Hiragaro

    Chapter Discussion Smoothy can't break the door on WCI?

    Can someone post a Viz translation of the panels, where Smoothy ''apparently'' stated she could NOT break the door, where the PG's were. I hear this everytime when someone talks about Smoothy, especially if it's about i would like to know if this was really a thing, because the...
  5. Hiragaro

    Current Events Luffy, Zoro and Kid getting caught

    How would you feel about if Luffy, Zoro and Kid getting caught in the next chapters?
  6. Hiragaro

    Speculations Who's Who and Sasaki vs Zoro and Sanji

    Do you think Who's Who and Sasaki are Zoro's and Sanji's warm up fights, before King and Queen? Or do you have other expectations?