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  1. Yasheen

    Speculations Can winged races hide their wings?

    On two occasions now individuals have suddenly had or not had wings when they previously had or did not have wings. The first taking place in Marineford, Lafitte in one panel suddenly grew a large pair of white wings but no other part of his body changed, not even his vivre card gave any...
  2. Yasheen

    Powers & Abilities Monster trios matchup powerups

    With Luffy receiving his power up in the form of CoC coating in conjunction with his Ryou CoA and Future Sight CoO all that’s remaining is for Zoro and Sanji to receive their power ups. Both of them have received partial powerups that seem to be designed to become their true power ups in their...
  3. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Who are the Gorosei and Imu?

    Basically, what about the gorosei makes them so different from other celestial dragons. Everything from their appearance to their mannerisms is different. They don’t even act like gods, rather they bow which is unthinkable for other celestial dragons. What is everyones opinions on their...
  4. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Did Oda confirm the three races missing from Totto land

    With Oda having Kaido specifically mention Yamato’s Oni blood, does this confirm he and Yamato are not human and rather oni. Making the three races Big Mom missing the Lunarians, the Oni, and the giants?
  5. Yasheen

    Speculations Incoming Chopper Power Up?

    So I highly doubt that the chopper vs Queen was choppers main fight. Mainly because Chopper was only in monster point. We didn’t see him truly get to fight either. As such, I’m of the opinion he’ll beat Pero. Yes Pero is in danger right now, however Pero already knows the weakness to Sulong and...
  6. Yasheen

    Speculations Incoming skinny Queen!!

    Now queen already gets all the ladies he wants, so why does he remain so big? The answer is in his plagues. His Ice Oni plague boosts your strength and speed and durability. It triggers muscular growth and even reverted Hyo back to his prime strength. So what’s the point of being big have to do...
  7. Yasheen

    Speculations Why the East Blue Straw Hats + Sabo will defeat the Gorosei

    The Gorosei are as we know the five top Celestial Dragon who are the only ones aware of Imu. The number 5 and their connection to Imu got me to consider that they may stand for the Five Precepts of Buddhism as Imus name can be used to write out “Buddha.” With Luffys story ending with him as...
  8. Yasheen

    Speculations Who will defeat Perospero

    Who’s going to get the honor of taking down Pero? Pero definitely doesn’t lack enemies so who’s going to deal the finishing blow?
  9. Yasheen

    Speculations Who will Brook fight

    With the Tobi Roppo defeated, only a few straw hats have yet to have their fights. Soul King Brook is one of them and the question is who should he fight and beat? After Black Marias fight Brook is looking after Robin who’s in a weakened condition. With this set up there are three main...
  10. Yasheen

    Speculations Usopp vs Jack incoming

    It’s time for God Usopp to face a legitimate opponent. Usopp used to regularly handle the enemies third strongest subordinates: 1. Arlong Park he defeated Chu 2. Alabasta he knocked out Mr. 4 3. Thriller Bark he defeated Perona Post timeskip he combatted the third strongest subordinate of...
  11. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Are Marco and Yamato red herrings?

    With the Momotaro legend seemingly coming into fruition, it makes me wonder if Kaido vs Momo and the dog (Yamato) monkey (Luffy) and pheasant (Marco) is legit or just a ploy to deviate expectations like all the other fights. Is this going to be the final fight to devolve into Luffy vs Kaido...
  12. Yasheen

    Break Week The calamities = The ancient Weapons?

    I was thinking about the three calamities and i don’t know if Oda purposefully set it up to mirror the ancient weapons or if it’s a coincidence: The fishman Jack the Draught ~ The mermaid princess Neptune The weaponry filled Queen the Plague ~ The giant battleship Pluton The flying mystery...
  13. Yasheen

    Speculations Does Luffy need a Skypeian/Sky person for his fleet or crew?

    With the introduction of the “sun god Nika” into the story and them being familiar to the Sky People met in skypeia it got me thinking if Luffy will meet a new or reunite with a previously met sky person and they’ll join the fleet. A prominent reason I think it may be a possibility was because...
  14. Yasheen

    Speculations Nami vs Avalo Pizarro possibility

    Basically title. Both of them are cat themed in their perspective group as Nami is the cat burglar and Pizarro is known for his cat eyes as well as his tendency to say “Nya” at the end of sentences (Japanese version of meow) Both of them are defined by their love of money and treasure both...
  15. Yasheen

    Future Events The Admiral Vs Straw Hat fights each need their own island

    After looking at the effect that two admirals had on a singular island, I’m starting to wonder how Sanji and Zoro vs Admirals will take place. Zoro vs Fujitora will probably be cutting an island apart with their sword skills and Fujitoras gravity awakening affecting the battlefield...
  16. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries How did Ace know Luffy's family?

    In Impel Down, Ace stated in referring to he and Luffy, “We both have the blood of world class criminals running through our veins.” But how did Ace know about Dragon? Dragons family name and heritage was such a secret only 3 people knew without Luffy saying it: Garp (Luffys Grandpa), Sengoku...
  17. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Blackbeard and Straw Hat Pirates battles

    Should Oda connect the Straw Hats backstories with the Blackbeard Pirate that they’re going to fight? This is going to be one of the biggest moments of the manga, so should the Straw Hats have more reason to fight a specific BB pirate more than “to help our captain.” Whether it somehow...
  18. Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Who are the nine shadows to show Kaido a radiant dawn?

    Now that the Supernova are splitting up, it’s no longer likely to be the supernova. Even if Law and Zoro are able to return to the Kaido fight, I’m sure Zoro will and I’m unsure on Law, Kid and Killer won’t be able to imo. There’s no way they’ll fight Big Mom and survive enough to fight Kaido...
  19. Yasheen

    Speculations The straw hat chapters are counting down

    So with Oda giving the straw hats a chapter name recently, starting with Luffy then Robin then Chopper I believe this is counting down to the Straw Hats vs Kaido. Now that Kid and Killer are out of the Kaido fight I doubt the nine shadows will be supernovae. So in terms of what the big things...
  20. Yasheen

    Speculations Luffys allied Supernova Captains vs Kaidos subordinate Supernova Captains

    So Luffy and Kaido are each allied with 2 supernova captains. Kid never agreed to the alliance he just went along with it in hopes of killing Kaido. Luffy: Law and Drake Kaido: Apoo and Hawkins Currently we already have Drake vs Apoo already happening and with Drake telling Apoo that he...