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  1. Rukusho

    Questions & Mysteries Alabasta Arc - Should have Sanji gotten a bounty ?

    Hello WorstGen, There's been a constant debate on whether Sanji should have been given a bounty during/after the Alabasta Arc. Let's go through the feats and accomplishments Sanji has done throughout the arc if they warrant a bounty. (There could be some feats I missed feel free to bring to...
  2. Rukusho

    General & Others Shanks - Lost Arm

    Wanted to start a discussion in, regards to Shanks lost arm .. there has been a lot of users who believe Shanks did not decrease in strength or that he is still as powerful with both arms, a wanted to put some of those things to bed. Firstly : Editors sentiment to have Shanks lose his arm ...
  3. Rukusho

    Questions & Mysteries M3 - Shattered ... ? ?

    Before even the time-skip took place I believed there was no M3 Luffy & Zoro delved into techniques which they didn't understand (Zoro CoA & CoO) (Luffy CoC & CoO). Sanji on the other hand was lagging behind and didn't show any signs of haki (before Sanji fans do the ignore ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ) just read...