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  1. Daikenki

    Speculations Possible matchups for Jinbe, Sanji and Zoro ft Marco.

    Many users here believe that the matchups for Sanji and Zoro have been decided due to this picture/frame from the latest anime opening: The reason being the position of Zoro and Sanji. Zoro and Queen are on the left side of the pic and Sanji and King on the right side. User @Tobi has made a...
  2. Daikenki

    Speculations Possible reason why Kiku was crying at the end of chapter 985.

    Before Kanjuro joined Oden as his retainer, he used to collect the hair of all people passing through his way to make brushes or something. And we know that he currently possesses the corpse of Yasuie the Hedgehog Yasuie did have thickass hair so maybe Kanjuro used something related to...