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  1. vestun

    Versus Battle Beastars vs Zootopia

    im not a furry. No comment
  2. vestun

    Questions & Mysteries Worst Anime Adaptations

    Seven Deadly sins. It was AWFUL
  3. vestun

    Theory Mihawk will die before fighting Zoro

    idk, dosen't make sense to me.
  4. vestun

    Discussion Power How strong is the swordsman council ?

    not sure, Low S class maybe
  5. vestun

    Favorite characters

  6. vestun

    Versus Battle Julius vs Magna

    yes, Julius is OP
  7. vestun

    Versus Battle Julius vs Magna

    julius wins of course. Although Magna grew insanely strong.
  8. vestun

    General & Others Times the anime did better

    gear 2 reveal maybe.