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  1. Ebuk

    Desert Bull "Shen"

    Basic Information Name: Shen Du Epithet: The Desert Bull Race: Wano Affiliation: Cipher Pol Occupation: Mercenary Gender: Male Age: 20 Height: Luffy's height Appearance Shen wears a turban-like cap on his head most of the time, with some hair locks protruding out from it. He also wears...
  2. Ebuk

    Theory Blackbeard Pirates connection to the Rock Pirates

    Yosh everyone! So my first theory is part of a theory I read about a year ago about the Rocks being the ones to have influenced Blackbeard. Alot of things were far fetched, but one thing I liked was Blackbeard never did anything without a reason. He stayed 20 years in Whitebeard's crew just to...
  3. Ebuk

    Yosh! The name is Ebuk

    Yosh! The name is Ebuk. I am new here. A pleasure and excited to make new friends and worthy "adversaries". Merry christmas eve. :cheers: