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  1. booder

    Powers & Abilities Gear 5th theory 2.0

    Hello friends. I have already uploaded a theory on gear 5th that you can do and read its the only other thing that I've posted before this. Today i would like to revamp said theory because i think i have new ideas that make it (imo) the ULTIMATE GEAR 5TH THEORY!!!!! So here's the tldr: Gear...
  2. booder

    Theory Luffy's Gear 5th : Nerves

    That's actually a really fun idea! This is very possible but i don't recall luffy ever using lightning attacks? He can attack very fast but he hasn't ever used literal lighting to fight i think.
  3. booder

    Theory Thor's hammer could be the one piece treasure???..

    Great theory! I'm not sure i agree with it being specifically Thors hammer. Maybe some character who represents Thor or a character with the name Thor who uses a legendary hammer but isn't actually the norse mythologys thor (Like how loki is a character from elbaf but isn't acually norse myths loki)
  4. booder

    Theory Kaido's Reference

    nice theory! i like theories that draw similarities between one piece pirates and real life pirates i definitely think something like luffy and yamato fighting kaido and luffy delivering the finishing blow will happen
  5. booder

    Powers & Abilities Gear 5th theory

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread on here but I'm super confidant with this theory and I've been working on it for a while My idea for gear 5th would essentially be a powered up version of gear 2nd. now this sounds kind of stupid, but hear me out, the idea here is that Luffy's body will...
  6. booder

    Theory What Eustass Kidd stole from Big Mom's territory

    great theory! this definitly feels like the kind of plot twist that oda likes to do. (connecting a present occurance to something that happened like 500 chapters ago and you had already forgotten all about it)