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  1. Aknolagon

    Powers & Abilities Black Blades are forged by CoC ?

    So I was thinking since a long time why only two people from the entire history of One Piece verse have black blade. Why them only ? It's even more weird because they are related to Zoro. But i will talk about that after. I was reading @KiriNigiri recent thread and one page strike me again...
  2. Aknolagon

    Questions & Mysteries How WG gonna face Yonkou now ?

    The most logical people used to say Zoro can't fly so he can't take King. So by logic Killer, Law and Zoro are doomed against Kaido in dragon form and BM flying on Zeus. Is it over ? So all their hypes are already over at the chapter 1002 of One Piece ? @Jackteo @Tobi @Chrono @kurwa @Kuro Ashi...
  3. Aknolagon

    Powers & Abilities Zoro : The Dark Horse of One Piece ?

    Hello everyone, i always wanted to do a thread about Zoro and his personality, strength, ambition and how Oda handles him since the beginning of One Piece. Zoro is a special character that lots of people love but also at the same time hate. The recent chapters 997th and 1000th clearly showed the...
  4. Aknolagon

    Powers & Abilities WG members will always be the WG members!

    Ok so i saw people already claiming and saying WG are weaks and fodders because of the latest chapter! It was expected because when it's an one shot, everyone claim that everyone could do the same thing which is NOT the truth! The first thing you should remember is the fact that Oda made those...
  5. Aknolagon

    Powers & Abilities Could it be the end of Zoro vs Sanji ?

    We all witnessed in the recent chapter, a clash between King and Sanji : What happened here is that Sanji blocked King who wanted to take Momo. The thing blocking a beast like is really hard that's why we can see Sanji having trouble here : Be careful, Sanji didn't say "Hit" here, it's a...
  6. Aknolagon

    General & Others Best Fanbase in One Piece ?

    Who is the best fanbase for you in One Piece ? A fanbase is a group of people who love a character more than any others characters and try to defend their protege no matter what. At this game, who do you think is the best fanbase in One Piece ? Something you really like and think about that...
  7. Aknolagon

    おはようございます 😉

    Hello everyone, Aknolagon here :) Happy to join this forum !! Yoroshiku :zosleepy: