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  1. Olimaat

    Guessing who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk with their heights. THIS IS NOT A BAIT THREAD

    Ok guys. I know you think I'm dumb with such a title and a reasoning but listen to me. Mihawk and Shanks have always been portrayed as rivals. Sanji and Zoro have been portrayed as rivals. Sanji and Zoro will be my example here. Zoro is 1m81 Sanji is 1m80 Sanji is Zoro's rival among the SH...
  2. Olimaat

    Manga Discussion Naoki Urasawa's great temple

    There you can discuss about Naoki Urasawa aka the GOAT's mangas : And other "minor" Urasawa artworks ;
  3. Olimaat

    General & Others "Analyzing" the Don Quijote Family bounties

    Hi ! :cheers: Let me remind you that the bounties are from 10 years ago. Sorry for my weird english. Don Quijote Doflamingo ( 340.000.000 ) : It is a logical bounty because of his position within the Underworld. At the time, he was a little bit what he was for the New World but in North Blue...
  4. Olimaat

    Powers & Abilities Daifuku's awakening

    I have been thinking about that these last days. What could it be for you ?