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  1. ZenZu

    General & Others Hiruzen Sarutobi is trash

    Naruto living a bum life while being the son of the ex martyr president, arguably the most revered figure in Konoha history, always manages to crack me up. No one told him he was the 4th's son, not even a slip up? Lmao and I thought the minks were tight lipped when it came to Raizou, but when it...
  2. ZenZu

    General & Others Which character should Kidd fans root for now that Kidd's role in the story is over?

    If anything that panel shows how Kidd is irritated with Luffy for not holding his end of the bargain, while he's out there fighting Big Mom, it's the reason they split up. Same with Law actually who was wondering wtf Luffy had been doing the entire time while the two of them were taking on Big...
  3. ZenZu

    Questions & Mysteries Best Akatsuki death?

    The death scene itself, and the most hyped fight in Naruto history was well put together though. But yea it's the typical fate of every flawless Mary Sue character, they're too picture perfect to be seen losing to anyone, so how do you write them out the story? Disease. I wouldn't exactly put...
  4. ZenZu

    Questions & Mysteries Best Akatsuki death?

    Most of the akatsuki deaths were just sell jobs, Kishi just wrote them out the story because he couldn't deal with them otherwise. Sasori - A solid Kage level threat, struggling against early post skip Sakura? I guess his death was alright, what it took to get there was pretty bogus. Kakuzu -...
  5. ZenZu

    Current Events Kid has completely given up on fighting Kaido and now is praying Luffy beats him

    Lol some of y'all need to log off and get some fresh air. Losing braincells spending too much time on this site. If someone doesn't deal with Kaidou, Kidd will have 2 Yonkou on his ass. Even Blackbeard would be cheering for Luffy under these circumstances. Kidd may or may not show support in...
  6. ZenZu

    General & Others How would you react if Law and Kidd defeated Big Mom

    I'd reacting by popping bottles. More so if they kill her off, anything to make sure she never ruins an arc with her presence again.
  7. ZenZu

    General & Others Diable Jambe Apreciation/Discussion thread

    Agreed it's been extremely painful to look at. I can't even enjoy the chapters because of how god awful they look, regardless of the content. I think Oda needs to take a break, his art is at an all time low rn. DJ just looks like a bunch of scribbles at this point. And Sanji used to have some...
  8. ZenZu

    Best Deuteragonist Tournament Finals

    Thought Vegeta would be here. But that top 3 is solid either way.
  9. ZenZu

    Character Discussion How do you feel about Jack the dragdown?

    Tbf Luffy would have lost to Jack back then, help or a teamup would have been required. Oda just played with Jack all the way to irrelevancy.
  10. ZenZu

    Character Discussion How do you feel about Jack the dragdown?

    Ouf the callout is too real, that aged like absolute shit, tbf the early scans said Jack was the right hand of Kaidou and back then that was a much bigger deal in the powerscale (the billion bounty hype didnt help). That's actually sad though. I used to joke back then that Jack is so menacing...
  11. ZenZu

    Versus Battle Tobbi Roppo (Op) vs Meruem and Royal Guards (HxH)

    Pick a Tobbi Roppo to solo Pre rose Meruem. He's slower, less durable, with weaker AP. Rd 1 is a shitstomp. Post rose Meruem got a massive boost in speed, can arguably stretch it to lightspeed, so he might be blitzing around them. His limits were never shown but based off what we saw on panel...
  12. ZenZu

    Is Paying for Sex really a bad thing???

    If you think you're no longer a virgin because you slept with a prostitute, I'm here to tell you it didn't count.
  13. ZenZu

    Future Events POLL: Is the Zoro vs King fight good or bad for Zoro

    You guys are weirdos. How can more panel time against an elite opponent be bad for Zoro?
  14. ZenZu

    One Piece Chapter 1022: The Stars Take the Stage

    Oda's art is deteriorating. What was even going on with Sanji's limbs? Looks like he was made of rubber. We went from double spreads looking like this to whatever that was this chapter. Zoro's Asura, Sanji's Rotisserie strike, and now this, the double page action spreads have been a complete...
  15. ZenZu

    Discussion Power Mysterious Beings power ranking

    1.Amai has no idea how strong Blast is. 2.Child Emperor last chapter had no idea about GS, he's never seen him. 3.Even if he was referencing only the ones present at the battle, iirc he said if they all went full out, they'd still lose. 4.Amai Mask has the biggest ego in the series, he made...
  16. ZenZu

    Discussion Power Mysterious Beings power ranking

    I'll need a reference for that. From what I know, Murata (the illustrator mind you, not the author) said he doesn't know who is stronger between Orochi or Golden Sperm in terms of raw power. That doesn't mean they're equals. By Webcomic feats and portrayal, GS is unarguably > Orochi. Amai...
  17. ZenZu

    Discussion Power Mysterious Beings power ranking

    We'll see how things turn out, I'd like to say HE is nowhere near GS, but the manga is nothing like the webcomic. Portrayal hardly matters in OPM, the monsters are constantly evolving, there's plenty of comparisons that can be made via feats. Homeless emperor has yet to do anything that would...
  18. ZenZu

    Discussion Power Mysterious Beings power ranking

    Phoenix man pre nerf would be near the top of this list, Murata and One probably realized how stupid powerful he was for no reason so they legit rewrote/drew the manga. Rover is higher than 12. He's arguably right behind Black Sperm. It's hard to rank ENW.
  19. ZenZu

    Fanclub Peaky Blinders

    England vs Italy tmrw.
  20. ZenZu

    NBA discussion thread

    Imma have to cop that