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    Break Week Teh hypocricy of Aokiji..

    #1 His ice isnt instantly kill saul, luffy was the same. From here i was uncertain whether Kuzan or Akainu order which killed Saul. So maybe he would save Saul after the fleets back, maybe. #2 Thats the navy job to a Navy betrayer (as i recall, saul got framed), but not to a resign navy (kuzan)...
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    Current Events What is your take on Oda having Luffy Sky splitting with Kaido?

    One has strength X for a minute, and one has strength X for several hours isnt the same. But the underdog can win with a proper supportively circumstances / plot. So, the winner isnt always the stronger. Its purpose is just to show that Luffy isnt the newcomer 5th emperor on the joke, he is...
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    Questions & Mysteries Would Buggy become a yonko?

    I hope so. Its interesting. Throne wars pirate contenders: 2 Remaining emperors, new emperor (SH) Rising emperor: Kid, Law, Buggy Buggy crews are pretty strong, it wont be surprising if there are nearly 20 have 100+m bounty, it just 10% from crew numbers.
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    General & Others Garp Believed Any of Ryokygyu or Fujitora Could Have Handled the Big Mom and Kaido Issue

    #1st, Comparison Marineford was the place of the war that should be protected. So Shichibukai & Admiral cant have a match on another place. Had Navy get Rayleigh, it would Akagami Pirates duo with WB come to Navy. That wasnt wise. #2nd, the confidence over the grandson - Sengoku talked about...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why did Kaido, Big Mom, or Blackbeard ever try to torture Rayleigh into revealing the way to Laugh Tale?

    well, they down want to be demolished easier. Shanks got his back IF rayleigh get cornered. When you have Shanks in your mind, be prepared for unknown agenda from World Government. Yonkou need to take Redhair Pirates head on.
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    General & Others Start a busines with a devil fruit

    I always like kuzan hie hie. Hie group provide: Frozen food service Water transportation Tourism in cave Professional Search & Rescue : ifrc -> disaster management
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    Speculations Kaido's fate by the end of this arc

    Ch of "twin dragon" emphasized that Kaido will die (not dragon Momo). There are Blood thirsty Kid, need soul Big Mom, Ryuma's paralel in zoro. I doubt Luffy will kill him, he will just beat him to down or incapacitated. Whoever will do it, Kaido will die This poll will close: Jan 4, 2030...
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    Future Events Will the strawhats ever surpass the rocks pirates?

    As i recall, roger-wb-shiki were in line after god valley. And BM had roger stealing incident. Thus, we hardly can compare them. The matter we can see, xebec crews arent solid, while SH are solid. So SH can do better of Rocks to go againts WG. Especially they have several supporting fan:
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    Speculations What Zoan do you think BB will get?

    Ryukugyu fruit.. He'll get on ancient weapon tragedy, so it wont be a reppletitive fight for Luffy for example. That will force both momousagi & chaton 'in duo combo type' fill 1 admiral spot. Its near EoS. I lean to Ghidora. It has themes for: - Cerberus : 3 head - Marco regeneration : Head...
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    Character Discussion Most overrated character on this forum in your opinion?

    SANJuZoro (SANgoro- oro from zoro , (ZOROjuro- j from sanJi)
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    Theory The reason behind Teach's and Kuzan's alliance - Kuzan's debt to Garp.

    It was fun to read. I enjoyed it. The case of happening is different thins.
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    Speculations Who is sent for the Warlords?

    In 956, navy was seen near ex warlord. 957, Sengoku gave hint for Akainu about Oden-Wano. So i wont make 956 as my data, i use 957. Here, Akainu research about Wano file administration plus gave order to his henchman to get intel about 4 yonkou right now. BB & Shanks were likely understand wano...
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    Future Events CP-0 will finally make a Move! Best Candidates to Fight them

    Brook Killer & hawkins, story can be altered, both in the same floor with akuma no ko Jimbei, if get dragged down Denjiro, unknown whereabout, was with Orochi WW
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    Break Week Zoro Leaving Wano Injured Could Be Interesting

    I think it will be interesting, too. Emperor - luffy Uncrowned Kings - Zoro 3 Commanders - Sanji, Yamato, Jimbei Tobi Roppo - Robin, Franky, Brook, Chopper, Nami, Usopp Then we have mr. Dark bed king (mr. Prince pun) which didnt show until his appearance in front of the opponent to shock the...
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    Character Discussion How loyal is Caribou?

    We might call him loyal if he is shown care to find his brother at least (with his crews is better).. Right now, he always looks loyal to someone frighten him. E.g. Luffy beat Kaido, then he'll come to Luffy.
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    Speculations Who will Brook fight

    Cp0 will know that robin is exhausted. Brook is there likely to stall Cp0 until both are safe or some one back him up (e.g. jimbei, denjiro as he was Orochi side so he probably knew CP, killer & hawkins with low chance might be interested).
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    Theory Kaido actually wanted to save Ace!?

    It sounds like Shanks wanted ace & WB died.