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    Which manga/anime character your personality matches more

    I'm Vergod
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    Future Events Cp0 vs BMP

    Rob Lucci is coming for wano and he's at the entrance You know who else has been waiting there for a week? Half of Bigmom's crew Smoothie hype baby If Ssg is here we can see her go wild ( for 1 page before Oda does the offscreen thing)
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    Speculations Ssg is a cyborg and it's already here

    So we saw that the Cp0 is trying to take over wano if Kaido loses and they sent forces to fight the pirates or the samurai if need be If you recall Queen said that he is better than any Cyborg Vegapunk could make and usually when someone claims such a thing they are proven wrong and well what a...
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    Versus Battle Tobbi Roppo (Op) vs Meruem and Royal Guards (HxH)

    They fight in Onigashima No Drake Round 1: pre rose Meruem Round 2: post rose Meruem
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    Speculations Chapter 1026 prediction

    - Sanji/Zoro vs calamities - Yamato and Luffy vs Kaido - start of Kaido's flashback
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    Questions & Mysteries Who does the skull belong to?

    Has anyone done the math for how big the Oni the skull belongs to is? How strong do you think he was? How many centuries has it been since he died? Does that giant sword belong to him? Discuss
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    Versus Battle Moubu and SHK vs Ouki and Kyou

    Moubu and his lover vs Ouki and his lover Ouki army: 100K Moubu army: 120K to make up for Ouki's generals Round 1: No Tou Round 2: Tou included
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    Versus Battle 10 tails (Naruto) vs Orochi (OPM)

    Who wins?
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    Versus Battle Geralt vs kingdom

    This is Geralt from the netflix show 1: Rinko 2: Bajio in his animal form 3: Gyu'un 4: Kyou Kai 5: Houken Round 1: he can't use magic spells but everything else is allowed Round 2: he can use magic They start 10 meters away from each other and on foot Bonus round: Vesemir helps Geralt
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    General & Others Start a busines with a devil fruit

    If you could get any fruit you wanted and use it in the real world to make money which one would it be? No cheating like gold gold fruit or eating luck luck fruit and going to casinos And your business has to be legal I would go with Ivankov's df I would make Bezos look cute with the money i...
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    Karin vs Yu Tan Wa

    Karin has a 100K Chu army No elephants She has Kou Yoko and Haku Rei in her army Yu Tan Wa gets a 60K mountain army + a 10K Qin army lead by Heki Location: Shukai plains
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    Questions & Mysteries Will Sabo get CoC?

    Will Ace 2.0 get coc just like him or not?
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    What should i do about my son

    My ex ( the lady in my avi ) got pregnant with my son but because she didn't want people finding out about our relationship hurt her career ( she is a famous actress you see ) she broke up with me, took my son and is raising him in secret The last time i saw him was 4 years ago, the day he was...
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    General & Others What were some of the things you were spoiled on

    There was a bunch for me that i will be listing below The timeskip, Sabo coming back and eating Ace's fruit, Marinford war(kinda), Gear 4th, Buggy and crocodile will comeback in imple down and Buggy will become a warlord, Doffy's fruit, Katakuri and his Fs
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    Speculations One piece chapter 1016 predictions

    Updates on the F6 fights Kaido spanking Yamato
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    Versus Battle Akaza (KnY) vs Tank top master and Metal bat (OPM)

    Akaza as he was in the movie Location: Tokyo Distance: 20 meters Akaza will die when they cut his head off Can the heroes kill this demon?
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    Future Events The metal crew

    It's a stretch but morj does a good job to convince Spoiler: Killer will get offscreened and the rest of the supernova will join kidd
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    Versus Battle Godzilla vs one piece

    Who's the weakest one piece character that can defeat him?
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    Questions & Mysteries Which voice did Momo hear?

    Momo got a headache from hearing a voice and asked who it was Last time it was a 20Km elephant now what is it?
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    Versus Battle Dark triad (BC) vs kid jesus, his boyfriend and trash (Naruto)

    Sasuke and Naruto and Sakura vs Dante, Zenon and Vanica Location: moon Restrictions: Genjutsu Round 1: Dante at 80%, Zenon and Vanica at 70% Round 2: all at 100% but double mangekyu Sharingan kakashi helps them Speed is equal Round 3: same as 2 but speed is not equal