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  1. Garp the Fist

    Chapter Discussion Bleach: One-shot

    Bleach is Back Our Lord and Saviour Tite Kubo returns
  2. Garp the Fist

    Speculations The Road Towards the Sun

    That’s the title of the chapter Jinbei is invited to join the crew. With the reveal of “Sun God” Nika, the cheerful boy who wants to free all the worlds slaves and laughter to their lips- Joy Boy, much- this chapter has some added significance. It starts with Shirahoshi talking with the Sea...
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    Elden Ring

    Latest game from Fromsoft and Hidetaka Miyazaki, to be released Jan 21 2022 For those wondering about GRR Martin’s involvement, I think this post is quite informative The...
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    News Volume 99: pics, information and summaries

    Round up of the Volume 99 SBS and any changes in the volume
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    Vivre Card: Information Thread

    Much like with the spoiler threads, this thread will be for Vivre Card info, with no discussion. It’ll make it easier to see what the Vivre Cards say without wading through 40 odd pages. Try and only put confirmed information.
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    Powers & Abilities What’s the deal with the Eye-Marked Paper?

    It’s a vital part of how the Beast Pirates are operating, CP 0 are also using it, but we don’t actually know how it works. It is, presumably, a DF power that is doing it. I can think of a couple of completely out-there suggestions for something else, like it being a secret power of King’s race...
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    Speculations Rocks and Dragon

    Do those two not look really alike to everyone else? Be very interested to see the Viz version in better quality, but it looks like they have the same widows peak, jutting chin and similar hair. Dragon would have been a child when God’s Valley happened, so he’s certainly old enough to be...
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    Questions & Mysteries What did Luffy and Roger say?

    It’s notably something they want “to be.” Does that mean it’s something they want “to be the one to do”, or is it some sort of personal status- “I will be happy/sad/free“ etc. The reactions of other characters are also interesting. It’s meant to be something really childish that people will...
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    General & Others The Grand Kaido and Wano Death Compiliation

    Basically a gathering of all the interesting panels I could find that relate to the idea of whether Kaido- or anyone else- will die, or be beaten. It’s only Wano and the introductory chapter of Kaido, I couldn’t be bothered going through all of post-skip to see what was said about him. Also...
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    Kishimoto draws Zoro

    As the title says, some drawings of Zoro from Naruto author Kishimoto
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    Break Week Separating the Strawhats for WCI was Narratively Unnecessary

    Big break week rant I get why the Dressrosa split happened. First of all, the Strawhats really weren’t the focus of Dressrosa, bar Usopp and maybe Franky, It was Law, the Grand Fleet, the Riku family and Dressrosa natives, Sabo, Doflamingo and his crew, Fujitora. That is, to be fair to Oda, a...
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    Future Events Elbaf

    Just want to talk for a bit about the potential plot points we could be seeing on Elbaf. Wano isn't finishing anytime soon, but I am now starting to look ahead to seeing what Oda has planned next, given how long the plot has been leading to Wano. Elbaf's the last remaining solidly foreshadowed...
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    Future Events Who will be the final villain?

    I've noticed quite a lot of good discussions that have skirted around this topic in various threads in the past few days, so I'd like to see everyone's opinions on this. Who do you think the final villain will be? How do you think the final war will go? Will Dragon ever do anything other than...
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    Speculations Kin'emon's Potential as a Strawhat

    Right, I started this as a reply for the Kin'emon appreciation thread and it ended up getting way bigger than expected and I think it needs its own thread now. Basically, I said I saw Kin'emon as the only Strawhat potential, some folk questioned it, I started writing a bit more about while I...