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  1. Parker

    Speculations Is Brook's role to protect Robin from CP0 agents?

    1) With Sanji revealing Nico Robin's next location 2) Jinbe talking about Nico Robin importance to the whole world 3) Brook choosing to stay with her in Black Maria's Place Doesnt it looking like a build up for Brook against probable Robin's Kidnappers like CP0?
  2. Parker

    Future Events Will King and Queen go to the rooftop?

    Jack went there when he saw the dukes attacked his captain and felt that it was his duty to take em out. I was wondering if Queen will go there as well because most of the pirates who are facing his captain were imprisoned in Udon, and Udon seems to be his responsibility. About King, i just feel...
  3. Parker

    Questions & Mysteries Will we have Fukurokujuu & Orochi vs Yamato & Momonosuke??

    First of all i don't think Orochi is dead.. I think somehow he is with Fukurokujuu, and as cunning as he is, they are plotting against Kaido. Kaido's new Onigashima project consists to establish Yamato as the new Shogun. I feel like Orochi will try to get rid of her and Momo because they...
  4. Parker

    Theory Will Momo turn into a Dragon in front of Kaido ?

    Hey guys This is my first thread here I don't know if there's already a similar one. With Kaido , King , Queen and Jack standing there , nothing less than 8 billions berrys overall plus Orochi Orochi and Fukurokuju, I feel like Momonosuke's back is against the wall and he will do something...