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    Future Events Is Zoro ever gonna fight against someone with the same dream as him?

    It’s clear from the title guys I’m personally annoyed how Oda never gives Zoro his own rivals who hope to become the WSS and provide some challenge for Zoro or is that just wishful thinking and barely there are any swordsman who care about reaching this goal? Let’s discuss!

    Questions & Mysteries Law’s future post Wano?

    Hi guys, it’s been forever since I last made a thread!! As the title says where do you guys think Law’s story is heading out after this arc? Is he gonna travel along side the SHs for a bit more? Is he gonna search for the meaning of the D by himself? I personally think he is gonna on his own...

    General & Others One Piece General Discussion

    So here you can post all your theories/speculations that you think don't need a thread of their own thread guys!! I will start Kuma isn't saved by the Revos, but he will be sent to to Vegapunk for repairs or whatever reason and become the ultimate weapon the WG has!! Bonney is coming to...