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  1. mrtsrdr

    Current Events Out List on Onigashima

    who have been out from fight in alliance side anymore ?
  2. mrtsrdr

    General & Others BlackBeard Pirates Power Problem

    Do you think BlackBeard Pirates is strong ? After Wano , obviously , Strawhats overthrew a Yonkou maybe two Yonkou in their full power that means Straw hats will now become a very elite pirate crew. Whereas , BB was able to defeat the white beard, who was about to die, as whole crew...
  3. mrtsrdr

    Current Events Beast Pirates Haki Problem

    At WCI , we saw haki show . But in the wano , even Kaido did not use coa . My prediction is their devil fruit don't need any CoA. Or Oda focused so much CoC , and he forgot .d What do you think ?
  4. mrtsrdr

    What is your fav OP Openings song ?

    Mine : Bon Voyage , Kokoro no Chizu , Share the World.
  5. mrtsrdr

    General & Others Most boring fighting style in SH

    I don't want to see karate things anymore. Just boring for me . What about you ?
  6. mrtsrdr

    General & Others Lets make prediction about new upgrading skill for SHs.

    We have seen some SH new skill until so far. Luffy - Ryou combination with CoC. Zoro - Ashura with CoC . Jimbei - Full Body Armanent Haki. Nami - Zeus Usopp - I dont remember. Rest is Franky , Robin , Brook and Sanji. Have you ever seen hint about that ? Or Have predictions ?
  7. mrtsrdr

    General & Others What is your favorite speech or line during the OP.

    Mine is : Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is...
  8. mrtsrdr

    Character Discussion Who had most dramatic childhood ?

    Who had most dramatic childhood?
  9. mrtsrdr

    Break Week How TRAO-GUY is at good condition after thunder bagua

    Could you explain how Law did not affact thunder bagua ? Whenever Kaido hit Luffy with that one , Luffy has been unconscious. Zoros bones broke . But trao-guy keep going as if nothing happened. I dont get it . Please explain.
  10. mrtsrdr

    Powers & Abilities Shiryu İnvisibility Problem

    We know that Shiryu ate invisibility devil fruit. And also , we expect that shiryu will match zoro in BB vs SH arc. But , we have a problem. İnvisibility can be easily detected by observation haki. That is confirmed . How . King's CoO realized Sanji also For Fujitora , everybody is invicible...
  11. mrtsrdr

    Future Events Will Blackbeard come Wano ?

    We have already known Blackbeard has strongest logia type DF , strongest paramecia type devil fruit . And he want to have strongest zoan type DF. Because , we have already know he will have three different DF. (3 people BB theory ). Do you think blackbeard will be at Kaido at end of the war ?
  12. mrtsrdr

    Speculations Luffy is destroyer of World

    We know that from Doff. D is known as a gods enemies. D likely stands for Devil that was put by "Gods" a long time ago. And when we check Doffy explanation about will of D , we assumed related to Devil. And we have already known one hint about Luffy destroyer thing. One day Fishman Island...
  13. mrtsrdr

    Questions & Mysteries Why do not Wano Shogun be Hiyori ?

    Even though hiyori was a older than Momo lachrymose, why oda choose Momo ? Hiyori lived in a hell 20 years . And experienced more pain , Momo will be shogun . Oda must not have believed woman man equality , ı guess. All alliance was found by Kinemon . Momo made two talk wıth Luffys help .
  14. mrtsrdr

    Powers & Abilities Sanji CoO is stronger than Luffy's ?

    We know that Luffy have gained Advanced CoO after Katakuri fight . But , In Chap 998 , When Jimbei and Luffy talked about where sanji went , Luffy said that There is lots of things that ı need to learn about color of observation ? I guess , oda confirmed Sanji CoO is much stronger than Luffy's...
  15. mrtsrdr

    Questions & Mysteries Who is the Stealth Black Sora ?

    Is there any clue about who is the stealth black Sora ? When X-Drake , Trafalgar Law hear that name , even thought they are very high tier people , that name make them shocked. Do you think will we see background of stealth black Sora ? and where do legendary comes from ?
  16. mrtsrdr

    General & Others Most humiliating moment till now

    Sanji couldn't even carry Luffy alone at WCI. and saved by his devil sblings. What do you think , which moment ?
  17. mrtsrdr

    General & Others PS traning flashbacks

    We saw Luffy and Zoro traning flashback. But , why have not we seen any traning flashback for Sanji ? (Zoro vs Pica how to make black sword) (Luffy vs Katakuri ray training) Also , we dont have any idea about sanji haki level why ? Could it be that Sanji didn't learn anything?
  18. mrtsrdr

    General & Others Big Mom crew vs Kaido crew

    We read two different arc which are WCI and Wano. Even though Big Mom does not have useful DF (uuseful for creating army) , Big MoM haki power and ability seems the best in the OP. Also , Big Mom territory is more protective (dendenmushi network under sea and patrol) more vast compared to...
  19. mrtsrdr

    General & Others Nico Robin Bounty ?

    While determining the bounty, not only the strength of the person but also how much of a threat they is taken into account. The only person in the OP universe right now who can read ponegliff, and probably the most influential person to be played a role in finding one piece, is Nico Robin. Or do...