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    Questions & Mysteries Which off panel event would you like to see the most?

    Title. Among the many off panel events Oda made through the years which is the one you would like to see the most? I will add options as new ideas come up (also I looked for another thread like this but I couldn't find any, if this is not the case then feel free to delete this one).
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    Ulti vs Zinedine Zidane

    Who has the strongest headbutt and why.
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    Questions & Mysteries If Onigashima has been labeled as "the island of the strongest"..

    How would you label: Marijoa (even if it is not an island) Marineford WCI Rokugaina Vertigo Kamabakka kingdom BB's Pirate paradise etc. etc.
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    Finalbeta return

    I made a little something, an attempted experiment pretty much, about Finalbeta return. I hope you enjoy it and also that I haven't been too rough on some people. So enjoy and give a feedback.
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    Sanji "vs" raid suit

    Simply now that Sanji has his new raid suit and we got to see a chunk of its powers and stats improvement quite well. Considering Sanji powerlevel in your opinion how much does the raid suit amounts compared to his total? Imo it is a pretty big chunk. I will just list the best feats raid suit S...
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    Manga Discussion Heresy

    Give this manga a try. It deserves it. The story can be summarized like a sort of dark Naruto. The young MC grows in his village only that it is not a ninja village but the home of a bloody sect. Also the art style is unique and fits very well with the dark and gloomy world the author is...
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    Versus Battle Hermione vs Gollum

    The third weel of the main groups of two famous franchises: The Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter. We have Frodo and Harry, Sam and Ron, Gandalf and Dumbledore, Sauron and Voldemort and finally Gollum and Hermione. Who would win in a direct fight in an open field at full capability (Hermione...
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    Questions & Mysteries Yonko crew with the overall greatest bounty?

    We got the bounties of each yonko but what about the whole crew? Which has the greatest bounty? Is it Kaido, who is already first as single yonko, who reaches the top thanks to King, Queen, Jack and the flying 6 or is it BM with her wave of sons which reaches the highest number? For BB maybe it...
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Yamato Oden?

    In the last chapter we get an introduction to the "son of Kaido" Yamato. Yet there are at least 3 strong hints that he somewhat could be Oden. And on the top of these 3 proofs his height too seems to match. Oden should be 382 cm (from the wiki) and when he is carrying Luffy that seems to...
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    A "clean" Chrollo vs Hisoka

    We already had the battle but Chrollo was well prepared: had set the ideal situation and also abilities beforehand (situation: crowded place where he could hide, copy people to send at Hisoka and use sun and moon, even the speaker to tell everybody "break Hisoka" etc. abilities: he borrowed the...
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    Manga Discussion Solo Leveling

    What do you think about this? Personally I love the art, the mangaka is doing an awesome job in his adaptation of the novel, yet the plot is awful: the MC starta weak but in the span of a few chapters gets his cheat like skill which makes the story become in no time the chronicle of how this MC...
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    Where do you read your manga?

    I mean, I read OP and all the other stuff I like on it is not the best for speed of release or accuracy of translations yet I like a lot how they put in the manga all in one page (with all the actual pages distributed vertically) so that I don't have to switch page...
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    General & Others What do you thini about Kishi copying Togashi?

    Aka Naruto copying from HxH. It was a big deal in part 1 (which was clearly the best). Do you think this is true, false? And what about it? If needed I will post some article(s).
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    Worst anime/manga?

    Title. If possible I will make a poll with entries from the thread and let's see who takes the cup. Also it is about the quality of the story, characters, details not the art (otherwise we could even put something like HxH here, an heresy). Mine are: Fairy tail: Let's group all the various...
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    Speculations Luffy and Zoro vs Kaido?

    Do you think this is a possible route Oda could take? Imo it is possible and there are more than some hints (even if I still think Z vs King is more plausible) like Luffy, who of course is gonna fight Kaido, is training for it but at the same time Zoro is the only one among the strong ones who...
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    General & Others How many of you watch the OP anime?

    How many of you, aside from obviously read the manga, watch also the anime?
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    Would you sell Groenland? And if so for how much?

    Title. Anyway if yoy don't do it there are chances you will be nuked, just like a tornado.
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    When will we have the next chapter and what is gonna happen?

    Anyway somebody has news on the current hiatus? About the plot at this point I don't even remember the particular circumastances they were dealing with, just that in the last chapters Togashi started to fill them with walls of text, Trump would be proud, anyway for you how can the story develop...
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    Powers & Abilities Is Kaido the strongest character?

    So Kaido tied with BM in his own place while we can argue that BM hadn't even Zeus with her, anyway I think that what Oda wanted to do was to show that they are perfectly balanced powerwise or that at least their fight could end with something like Aokiji vs Akainu (but nothing, bar his fishy...
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    What do you think of it? This last season seems dope and hyped as hell for the Scottish indipendence arc :steef: