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    Questions & Mysteries Sanjis regeneration

    From the deepest and darkest dephts of Oda's.. Mind. Same place as Luffy meat regeneration, Zoro's magic medicine and so on.
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    Questions & Mysteries Vegapunk vs Judge, who Best scientist

    I thought Sanji fans would be at least a bit mad at this. At this point it doesn't even matter the user, give the RS and exoskeleton to Usopp and he will put up a fight with Queen too. Shouldn't be better to hype Sanji own power and try to fight vs these free meals he is given? He is less and...
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    General & Others Oda is not paying attention

    It depends. Imo there will be an admiral, CP0 act solo or in small groups in crucial secret missions. Now they are trying to conquer a strong nation so an army is needed and that army needs a leader so probably an admiral. Also magically they were shaking thinking about Kaido and BM allaiance...
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    General & Others Who is your top 3 character you want to see the action again ?

    Imo Oda is trying too much, as usual, to build up hype. At the beginning there was Dragon who never did anything but was the most wanted, father of the MC etc. Then Shanks, then Vegapunk then Gorosei.. Now in the post time skip he added Weevil but also Greenbull, then of course there is still...
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    General & Others Who is your top 3 character you want to see the action again ?

    Kuro I always find odd how all the early pre time skip villains simply disappeared fron the story. Anyway I don't give a damn about Arlong, don Krieg (or Gin lol), hand axe Morgan etc. But Kuro imo had some potential. Also he escaped just fine even seem wondering about what he did.. Anyway with...
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    Character Discussion Appreciation thread for Jack

    He is stupid but he is also a fighter who never gives up. He also doesn't get any love from Oda. We had chapters of BM yelling "weeding cakeee" while Jack didn't even get a named attack.
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    General & Others What is the point of Wano?

    For sure it is way too long and the amount of plot power is ridicoulous, even worse than WCI, Luffy has already been defeated 2 times during the raid and was back at full power in minutes, there is 0 sense of thrill.
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    Powers & Abilities Is Oden's haki inside Enma?

    Guess it is like when Zoro used Ryuma's Shusui imbued with his haki and sliced Kuma in 2 pieces along with all Thriller bark. Quit this fantasy.
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    Future Events Cp0 vs BMP

    Honestly they shoukd bring at least an admiral, most likely nope, the SSG or some other serious stuff otherwise, if it is just Rob Lucci with few other CP0 members and fodder it is even questionable if they can reach the waterfall aka beat Smoothie and friends, let aline deal with possible wild...
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    Character Discussion Would Doflamingo be stronger if...

    Ok, but the moment they made the deal Doffy was already in the mouth of the lion, he had a gun at his head from that moment. Maybe Kaido could have even paid him well but since Kaido made huge plans upon SMILEs it was clear that the moment Doffy failed his end of the deal Kaido would erase him...
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    Character Discussion Would Doflamingo be stronger if...

    Doffy was a warlord in order to not have the WG mess with Dressrosa, if he was just a mere pirate (and also not a celestial dragon, maybe) he would have been wiped out by the WG for enslaving a country. But he was not a marine but a warlord, that means that he can take some small fries at times...
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    Powers & Abilities List of all the crazy stuff Queen can do.

    What is interesting, but I also think we will never get an explanation, is how Queen has all this stuff in zoan form. For example the teeths are completely different in human and zoan form, do they become poisonous needles when he turns zoan and when he turns back human they turn back nornal...
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    Character Discussion Would Doflamingo be stronger if...

    He did everything he could, in a certain way he also changed his fate hugely for the better considering he now could have been a clone of Carlos. His situation give him the drive to aim and reach for a very strong position, he had good allies for his lvl who struggled to help him realize his...
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    Character Discussion I'll say it: Did Oda ruin Sanji ?

    In a way, but it is also a general trend. Way longer arcs, way more side characters, way more Luffy and way more SHs. He has not the space to develop them like pre time skip so we get these asspulls. In a way the same can be said for Zoro tanking hakai and scarring Kaido without any relevant...
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    Questions & Mysteries Blackbeard will go to Wano to kill Marco and take his Zoan fruit?

    For me it is still Kaido for 2 reasons: 1) BB is getting (or better Oda is building) the best df of each category. The gura gura is the strongest paramecia and that gives terrible power, he can "destroy the world". The yami yami is the strongest logia, that made a lot of sense pre time skip...
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    Future Events What if the WG has a weapon like a nuclear bomb

    There were the dyna stones in the Z movie but those are non canon. Anyway the WG was not using them but just storing them. Anyway I guess that if they get an ancient weapon, and they are looking for them, they would use them to erase the revos and yonkos who are the only real threats to them...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers Discussion

    Lmao, finally the Sanji fans can go on a rampage! Guess this never happened since... Never?
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    Theory Another timeskip is on the way...?

    I agree it is a little weird since it would recall a lot Marineford war in many ways, too many maybe. The point could be that pre time skip Luffy failed at saving his brother so this is his occasion to "redeem" himself (also Sabo too has to totally redeem himself because he totally forget about...
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    Questions & Mysteries Will Zoro ever split the sky?

    I don't know. On one hand that is a cool move which characterizes the yonko (only yonko and above have done it so far in the manga) so it is not sure Zoro will get it (it rapresents yonko status at least ad coc wisr). On the other Zoro has already surpassed it by scarring Kaido. If you look at...