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  1. Jiihad

    Rihan vs Kyria

    Yes- Thought Yes- Narration Yes- Speaking Can’t lie....tha smell of tha ocean always puts me in a good mood. Shits real calming....was tha thoughts that ran through my mind as I enjoyed a drink at tha tavern over looking tha lake of tha town I was passing through. Town seems real peaceful I...
  2. Jiihad


    Name: Rihan Epithet: Affiliation: Nex Pirates Occupation: Pirate Captain Gender: Male Age: 22 Height & Weight: 6’5 205lbs Appearance: Rihan is a decently tall man of half fish man and half human origin, he has a darker skin tone; closer to a Caramel color. His skin is scarred with a vertical...
  3. Jiihad

    Powers & Abilities Tailed Beast Scaling

    So tha 9 Tails is tha strongest of tha Bijuu, but how much stronger is Kurama than tha 8 Tail(Gyuki) and tha 7 tails and so forth? Cause I remember Kurama and Gyuki throwing hands with tha 2-7 tails and winning lol @Luthon @Bogard @Light D Lamperouge @Cinera @Owl Ki @RayanOO @Shuyaku @Chrono...
  4. Jiihad

    Versus Battle Pein vs Tobirama

    Aight so boom. Meant to make this thread a brick ago tbh lmao, but hea it is. Who wins? Tha 3rd Sage of tha Six Paths or Tha Second Hokage? Personally i think Tobi takes this at High diff, Almighty...
  5. Jiihad

    Versus Battle Kisame vs Orochimaru

    Aight, so who wins this? Tha Monster of tha Hidden Mist or Tha Snake Sannin? Orochimaru is a Sannin and while not tha weakest, Jiraiya is tha stronger of tha 3(with Sage Mode). Samehada is tha main reason why I’d give this to Kisame(Arlong with...
  6. Jiihad

    Versus Battle Tobirama vs Ay

    Who wins tha bout? Tha Second Hokage or tha Fourth Raikage. Creator of tha Flying Thunder God technique or tha Fastest Kage since tha Fourth? Tobirama: Greatest Water Style User ever Flying Thunder God technique Tailed Beast lvls of Chakra Reanimation Jutsu Flying Thunder God Sword Ay...
  7. Jiihad

    Kaminari vs Kirishima

    So if these 2 were to square up, who wins? And to make it more interesting, Kaminari brain doesn’t short circuit when he uses his Electricity. Location: Dagobah Municipal Beach Park Intent: To Kill Distance: 40m at start I’d personally go wit Kaminari cause his Quirk imo is better(it’s like...
  8. Jiihad

    Aye Waddup tho

    If you know you know, people who was on Discord wit me know who I am lol. If not, or you joined after I changed my name, it’s Yaksha from OJ lol. My **** @Bogard held tha squad down and created this for us so I had to join. Jus waiting on him to give some juice and make me a Mod now:sadgrin: