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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen (Fight Predictions)

    Now we have gotten over the ridiculous will Sanji fight Queen solo question, let’s move on from the dropkicks who thought otherwise with some scenarios. I am thinking that Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen will play into the first argument they had on Little Garden. Also this was thrown there...
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    Powers & Abilities How much fire will Sanji be able to generate with his Raid Suit?

    Lads back up I here with the best character in all anime, the GOAT Vinsmoke “Stealth Black Black Rolling Destroyer Lightning Skyser” Sanji (MAN I HOPE USOPP AND FRANKY RENAME THE SUIT INTO BLACK SKYSER). Something that I feel is very underrated as a feat is Sanji burning a normally 80 m tall...
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    Speculations This guy has to be Scopper Gaban?!

    So we got the reveal that Scopper was one of the more prominent members of the crew and on the cover page for Chapter 631, Crocus was meeting a mystery figure. Crocus had previously met Rayleigh in Chapter 591 so it most likely has to be someone who he knows really well or more likely a fellow...
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    Future Events The Year of the Legendary, O-Soba Mask!

    Lads, this is the place to talk about our boi Soba Mask's exploits this year! The one who sits at the very top and is famed throughout Wano as Soba Mask. What Soba mask will accomplish is truly going to be great! Anyone can add to this thread when Sanji does something insane (Thanks to @Queen...
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    Powers & Abilities Powerups you expect to see for the SH's in Wano

    Let's discuss the potential powerups we will see in Wano, in the upcoming war for all the SH's including their allies. The Strawhats are going to be in some tough matches and like Ennies Lobby, I think we are going to see a range of powerups for the SH's. Some of them we have already seen like...
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    Questions & Mysteries What happened to Page 1?

    Page 1 faced off against the GOAT O - Soba Mask and the result of their fight was left off paneled. Whilst Sanji did say that he would take out Page 1 to weaken their forces and was revealed to be unhurt whereas page 1 is currently M.I.A, the counter is that Oda would not off-panel the result of...
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    Speculations Sanji vs Queen General Thread

    Hello everyone, This is a thread to talk about anything that is related to Sanji vs Queen. This is an area to talk about powers, expectations and even some speculation as to how things will go down (would love some fanfic on this battle as well). Also, this could be an area where you post...
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    Powers & Abilities Are Sanji's mutations dormant?

    So Sora took a drug that was meant to revert the lineage factors for the kids, but it only worked on Sanji. However, I want to posit that it worked in a way that Sora did not expect. So Sora's main reason for taking the drug was to ensure that her kids were not stripped of their positive...
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    Go Go Power Rangers!

    It's your main man Dark Knight Sanji here! Sanji new epithet incoming, "Dark Knight" Sanji leader of the Vinsmoke Rangers Sanji ma boi