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  1. Bounty

    Speculations Kaido's fate by the end of this arc

    I'm pretty sure this topic has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum, but a lot of it has just been proposing why some X,Y or Z will be defeating/killing him. So I use this post as a means to get a consensus of this forum based on all the possible fates that Kaido could undergo by the end of...
  2. Bounty

    Speculations Is Yamato a DF user or shapeshifting dragon/oni?

    While I could see her having a DF, I would vouch for a pure dragon/oni shapeshifting breed and naturally Kaido would follow with that assumption. Three reasons why I think this to be the case- This would open up possibilities of us getting whatever was going on with Vegapunk's experimentation...
  3. Bounty

    Questions & Mysteries Sulong and the moon

    This panel of Jinbe explaining has really got me thinking on a few things pertaining to the minks and the moon, especially considering where the last chapter ended off - Now this could mean 2 things- This could be a simple homage...