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  1. SinOfGreed

    Future Events Marco and King bounty reveal double page spread

    The First Commander of the WB Pirates and the First Commander of the Beast Pirates: Marco the Phoenix and King the Wildfire. Both have a lot of similarities, both in their position on their crews (first commander), similar DF's and in the way Oda portrayed them in Wano (both shown knocking...
  2. SinOfGreed

    Speculations Zoro's main opponent of Wano?

    There's been a lot of speculation regarding Marimo's main opponent of Wano so I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. I personally still think it will be a 1v1 against King bc there is no reason for Marco vs King to take place other than the fact they have similar DFs. Plus we have seen Marco...
  3. SinOfGreed

    Powers & Abilities Zoro unlocking Conqueror Haki?

    Do you think it's possible that Zoro unlocks Conqueror Haki? I think there have been plenty of moments in the series that show he has the qualities of a King/conqueror. PRE TS - in his original meeting with Luffy, he says he will kill him if he stands in the way of his dream. - he says he...