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    Thanks for the follow too @Hades

    Thanks for the follow too @Hades
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    Announcement A Loss In Our Community

    May his soul Rest in Peace. My condolences to his family and friend.
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    What a chapter 5,5/5 :steef: Grandmaster He ran the show on the roof .. You can't deny, Ashura after so many years, he was amazing.. Can't wait to see how Kid and Killer will manage to win against Big Mom as she is about to create a new homie.. Luffy vs Kaido now, i know Kaido will...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1007 Spoilers Discussion

    Oden?? I think it's Onimaru.
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    One Piece : the King of Predictions Tournament - Fourth Edition

    No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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    One Piece Chapter 1006: The Chivalrous Man, Hyougorou the Flower

    Lolz Perospero badass dialogue he just told Carrot to chew on some grass :gokulaugh: I really liked Marco named attacks vs King and Queen.. King cutting Marco wings like like nothing shows he can cut flames too. Marco's attacks were really fast for the two of them, he is exhausted and will...
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    Anime & Manga One Piece Spoilers - The Monster Mash

    Sanji Birthday's present??
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    Thank you @Luffy bin Dragon the God Usopp greatest Wankers 👊

    Thank you @Luffy bin Dragon the God Usopp greatest Wankers 👊
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    Speculations Is Brook's role to protect Robin from CP0 agents?

    I feel you but there won't be a better opportunity, CP and Nico Robin have antecedents and i dont think the Mary's next to them in that episode was for fun. I feel like the main reason why Oda brought Brook with her is because she is a constant target, Robin might fight Black Maria alone, it's...
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    Speculations Is Brook's role to protect Robin from CP0 agents?

    1) With Sanji revealing Nico Robin's next location 2) Jinbe talking about Nico Robin importance to the whole world 3) Brook choosing to stay with her in Black Maria's Place Doesnt it looking like a build up for Brook against probable Robin's Kidnappers like CP0?
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    Heyy newbie here!

    Welcome to Worst Generation Forum, the One Piece's Passion is too much, am sure you will have fun. :cheers:
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    Mes condoléances a toi et la famille @djiayebee may your grand pa's soul rest in peace. 👊

    Mes condoléances a toi et la famille @djiayebee may your grand pa's soul rest in peace. 👊
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    Future Events Jinbe vs Jack and Brook vs Who's Who

    Don't see it happening, Who'swho portrayal is better than the others Tobbi Roppo, the Sasaki - Denjiro situation wouldn't have fitted him.. He would probably have the highest bounty amongst them. So no. Doubt Brook alone might have a chance against him. You can compare Brook to Franky but not to...
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    Future Events Why Sanji will fight King

    Ain't happening... King is busy with Marco, Apoo still fighting X Drake , only Queen and Jack are available for Sanji. The Judge - Queen's connections need to be elaborated.. If the tenth person it's Komurasaki then Oda wouldnt resist to draw Queen and Hiyori interactions. Plus if Jack was able...
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    Fanclub The V̶i̶n̶s̶m̶o̶k̶e̶ Sanji FC: The Prince of love

    Sanji was really funny in this chapter, i liked it when he said no he wants to love all the ladies and when he felt down after Robin's wink at him.. It was embarrassing, since Sanji's arsenal is enough to get himself out of this situation , but He showed growth, he was willing to ask for help to...
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    One Piece Chapter 1005: Devil Child

    Good Chapter... 4/5 for me It was really fun to read. Badass Nico Robin:steef:. Can't wait to see her fight Black Maria, don't know if Oda will let BM with her nipples out , i think she will turn to her ancien spider's form. It was cool to see Heat and Wire again, it's really funny because Kid...
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    Happy Bday Cinpai, enjoy your day

    Happy Bday Cinpai, enjoy your day
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    Zoro D Goat's 69,420 likes!!!!🎉🎉

    Congrats Lil Goat, well deserved. :cheers: