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    Current Events Sandai Kitetsu will Bend and how It Related to ZKK

    First of All, Sandai Kitetsu or one of Zoro's Sword never going to break and it very obviosly Zoro about to get Nindai kitetsu 2 Yonko tier fullpowered named attack couldn't break Zoro's Sword let alone even a 1 yonko break his sword. if He get his sword broke by king then King might...
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    Chapter Discussion Bobby Funk or Judges Germa Boys

    non haki Sword with a full swing Axe with The imbued Haki
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    Character Discussion The WSC/WSS/WSM

    The Official STRONGEST title Wielders in the Verse at each Category Oda gave Officially the STRONGEST title for a reason because they are the Strongest in each Kind, Kaido king of the Beasts After the Strongest title King the Wild Fire Dracule Mihawk After the Strongest Title RedHair...
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    Versus Battle Adult Naruto Vs SP Naruto

    Boruto adult naruto vs Shippuden SP teen Naruto this battle goes arcording to manga canon Shippuden SP naruto feats: Truth seeking orbs Flying abilty Regenerating (can even create eyes) Sun seal Hogormo chakra KCM2 /SP9 Cloack Sage Mode More than 4 beasts sealed inside of Body by Obito War...
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    Anime & Manga Healthy Zoro almost oneshoted a Yonko?

    Hiryu kaen / Flying dragon Blaze healthy Zoro capable to Kill the kaido since chapter 1002 Zoro's Tatsumaki: no warns for dodge Dragon twister/Tatsumaki cuts kaido and make him bleed/scream/Made him Fall to the ground but Bigmom didnt yelled to dodge Hiryu kaen: 2 yonkos almost shit their...
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    2 Seakings vs Shanks, kid luffy

    Same place as this picture, same time, Same scene, But 2 Seakings luffy about to get eaten alive same as the manga then Shanks come to save him against 2 Seakings What will happen just curios :pepecorn:
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    Current Events MONSTERS - oneshot (Ryuma) VoiceComic

    [ONE PIECE Vol.100 Memorial] Echiro Oda's MONSTERS - ONESHOT Shimotsuki Ryuma (VoiceComic) Voice comic Part 1 [SHONEN JUMP] Voice comic Part 2 [SHONEN JUMP] (Ryuma's Voice is good, when Oda show ryuma's backstory in the manga, it will be help for the anime) If you didnt Read the Chapter...
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    Speculations The Dragon that killed by Ryuma is same as Kaido

    this is just speculation i think the dragon that Ryuma killed is the previous FISH-FISH DF owner who wants to Take Wano in ryumas era same as now kaido doing it Onimaru Talking about the Dragon who appereard above the Wano Flower capital not some Western dragon he sliced in the "Monsters"...
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    Current Events Momonosuke is by far the best candidate to be a future straw hat

    Adult momo vs Orochi gonna high Diff fight tho Btw Adult momo > Sanji
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    Future Events Killing the Strongest Yonko = Zoro name will reach to the Heavens

    The Grandmaster's Name will be Known even in Heavens!!!! Ryuma killed a Dragon and Becomes Worldwide Popular now Zoro going to Kill the Strongest yonko damn Result will be Massive as hell Kaido known as the Unkilleble even he cant kill himself or no one cant even scratch him, then Zoro did...
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    Character Discussion Which Yonko Request is the Best?

    Marco & Shanks First one is Shanks asks from marco to join him in Chapter 434 when shanks board on WB ship. shanks intention - unknown Bigmom & King The second one in chapter 951. its after king solo Drop bigmom ship including her bigmom intention - to complete her one missing race with...
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    Speculations X Drake death Confirm by Hawkings

    while king talking about the betrayer, Hawkings said that person living chance is 1% so yeah drake going to die in one yonko arc pedro died and now taking 2 yonko crews together, some one need to die to show us how fear some is taking yonkos while Kaido death 100% confirms by zoro hand i dont...
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    Versus Battle Edo Madara VS Jigen

    IMO This Edo Madara Mid-high diff Jigen Extremely Skilled Taijutsu that can wipe a war Absorbing any jutsu Mastered Rinnegan 4/6 swords Bigass susano that larger than sasukes Incredibly Speed and More destructive power than sasukes Wood Style that cant Absurd Regenerating Wood...
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    Anime & Manga OP Univers TOP 3

    "World Strongest" this title literally saying there are the strongest in op universe World strongest Swordsman - mihawk (TOP 1 Swordsman > Shanks,(living reylegh> dead roger peak) ,fujitara) World Strongest Man - WB Physicle strenght > World Strongest Creature - Kaido physicle strenght ...
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    General MEME Thread

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    General & Others One Piece - General Wano Raid Discussion

    Wano raid Started from Episode 977. Let's Discuss here until the Whole Wano tragedy Ends. there are a lot of awesome moments coming so we can't miss them when they got animated. Use anime Pics & if you put the manga use Spoiler tags 1623031343 ill start with this :feelsokeman:
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    Anime & Manga Sanji Most Overrated Character in One Piece History

    As far We all known with Proofs Vinsmonke Sanji is Most Overrated Character in one piece so far. I had to make this thread because my fellow Sanji fans keep asking for this. :endthis: Overrating Most Overrated Character Most Overrating Character Reality :finally: Queen Feats Knocked...
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    Speculations Wano - Sabaody Vanished Theory

    As far we all have known sabaody-Wano Reverse theory, let's talk about it. Sabaody disappeared list Zoro Brook Usopp Sanji Franky Nami Chopper Robin Luffy. What we already Got chapter 1000 - Strawhat luffy chapter 1005 - Devil-child chapter 1007 - Tanuki-San (The next chap will be...
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    Questions & Mysteries Zoro's Unfinished Plots

    well we still miss some zoro's major plotlines in Wano the creator of Wado & enma how zoro's master illegally escape from wano over 50y ago how zoro's master becomes zoro's master how zoro's master got Wado but not enma who are Zoro's parents, whos that fox owner from the strongest shimotsuki...
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    Current Events Battle setups ch.1015

    Location: livefloor battle Ongoing: marco vs ?/king Chopper vs perospero & Queen Fodders vs Samurais zoro, sanji,kawamatsu,izo reaching to the live floor. oda will start new battle setups after they reach. Marco vs Perospero (they had some old buisness to takecare) Queen vs chopper & RS...