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  1. Queek Hea D Taker

    Character Discussion Appreciation thread for Jack

    Appreciation thread for Jack Yes, I know... Jack the L, Lack, Jack the Drought of attacks, Jack the Drag-Down... BUT I have made this appreciation thread to end all the teasing and to show that Jack is the commander that all Yonko would like to have in their ranks! Let's recap... - Jack...
  2. Queek Hea D Taker

    Current Events Huffmeter

    WELCOME TO THE HUFFMETER I have wasted my time counting the number of Huffs since the Onigashima Raid started. :crazwhat: *Flashbacks outside current events don't count. *Only counting Huffs inside dialog or very clearly stated *Also I didn't count some useless characters like the Yakuza...
  3. Queek Hea D Taker

    Hello there!

    Have been a lurker for the past month, but now I decided to create an account. I watched One Piece so many years ago but stopped at Skypiea, don't know why... :crazwhat: Last year during the pandemic I decided to read all the manga, so here I am. :feelsokeman: Additional information: I'm a...