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  1. Sérgio Oliveira


    We can talk about Oda's failures after the timeskip Always taking random breaks every 2 weeks Make Luffy another cliché protagonist chosen when it worked so well for Naruto with his speech in jutsu He created the Big Meme After seeing Big Mom upset by Jinbei and Robin and Kaido hacked by Kinemon...
  2. Sérgio Oliveira

    Break Week One piece chapter 1000 is just too much hype

    I see Fandon doing many, many posts about chapter 1000, saying that hi oda is going to do that, is going to do that and more. Many forget that Oda cannot even show us the fight of nekomamushe and inuarashi in his Sulong forms against Jack. And he doesn't even show us the hybrid form of Jack. How...