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  1. minamoto

    Powers & Abilities Zoro not participating in marinfort war was bigest nerf in one piece Menga..

    i--------------->. Zoro not participating in marinfort war was bigest nerf in one piece Menga.. i can safely call it a bad writing from oda.. Zoro as vice capt dizerved to be in marinford to help come nihawk could be there in marinfort but not zoro???.. zoro is war lover plus he...
  2. minamoto

    Sanji is a misandrist?????? = Sanji's Gender sex issue...

    i------------>. Sanji not only favor females over males but also dont like himself being a male????... proof : .. and when traglafar d law gave him back his real sanji-male persona we saw sanji so dispointed and sad.. sanji is a okama..
  3. minamoto

    Questions & Mysteries What devil fruit would suit Zoro?

    i------------->. What evil fruit would suit Zoro rononoa and his sword style????... maybe daz bon'z body swrods no mi????..
  4. minamoto

    General & Others Pick ur own pirates dream crew members..

    i-------------->. if u were to pick 10 menbers from each pirate crew who would they be????????.. who would u put as their captain???..
  5. minamoto

    Future Events Sanji will beat a woman in last chapters of One Piece..

    i------------>. i alwayz had tis theory in my mind... we all wouldn't lay hand on woman of course... sanji druring his whole life never lay hand on femal....but that don't mean he can't beat woman right????... sanji apponenets mostly are women right???..but he always lose fight against them...
  6. minamoto

    Questions & Mysteries If u were Luffy and u r forced to kick out 2 members of Straw hats who would they be????..

    i-------------->. If u were Lofy and u r forced to kik out 2 menberz of straw hats who would they be and why??????..
  7. minamoto

    Questions & Mysteries Will Zoro kill Mihawk?

    i------------->. wil zoro kil nihawk in a end of series?????..
  8. minamoto

    Powers & Abilities Germa666 cheatcode genetic powers Vs natural hard training..

    i------------->. wich body is more bada$$ ???????????? : a body that goes like : " nami san...robin chan <3 <3 ..look i just unlocked cheat code powerz"... or a body that train hard every day...and endure all kind of pains but still say : "NOTHING HAPPENED"..
  9. minamoto

    Character Discussion Rob Lucci should be ashamed of himself..

    i------------->. if u see charlo karatuki he learned leson from his tefeat and moved on... butt this Rob lucy got his butt kicked by lofy and yet he dare come back chase after niko robin and straw hatz... can't wait for lofy to destroy him again...
  10. minamoto

    Anime & Manga Sanji’s sister is the hottest girl of One Piece....

    i------------->. she so hot and pretey.. bowa haknok comes sekond..
  11. minamoto

    Break Week Who can eat more food ... Luffy or Big Mom?

    i------------->. who can eat more food and has biger apetite???? ...lofy senpei or big mama ???????...
  12. minamoto

    go bring me cofé...

    i-------------->. like do one piece characterz only drink rum and beer and likor... if lufy tel them GO BRING ME COFé..will cofé be comon drink in one piece wold????..
  13. minamoto

    Rules money colecting...

    if some member here receive 1$ from every menber of teh worstgenes... how mutch money would he colect???????..
  14. minamoto

    Anime & Manga Who has the biggest boobs in One Piece female characters???..

    i---------------->. even in BSS i couldn't find answerz..
  15. minamoto

    Theory There’s gonna be a Kaguya character reveal in the future episodes of One Piece..

    i------------->. i always had tis theory in my mind.. there gona be a kagoya character reveal in teh future chapters of one piece... like how piece world has moon related mysteriez..also evil fruits .. all look like naroto manga ending when kagoya and evil tree show up..
  16. minamoto

    Questions & Mysteries man behind King's mask = a other Mystery of Tobi?????..

    i-------------->. .. .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
  17. minamoto

    Powers & Abilities Imo sama gender..

    i------------>. why many pipole tink imo sana gender is from femal species????... is there menga scan for that????...
  18. minamoto

    General & Others What's your favourite One Piece moment and why?

    i--------------->. What's your vaforite one piece moment and why??????????...
  19. minamoto

    Break Week Teh hypocricy of Aokiji..

    i--------------->. He kill jagwar d sol for betry marinez and help niko robin... yet he betrayz marinez and joinz blackbeard... so much hypocricy in teh one piece wold..
  20. minamoto

    General & Others It's been more then 2 yearz since start of Wano arc..

    i----------------->. so many waisted progress at all.. best exenple is chapter 1026 : a whole chapter could happen in just 2 pages... page 1 oh lufy is here.. page 2 i can't fly lufy.. page 3 you can fly momo... page 4 bite kaido.. exet..exet.. i love hook baite in a end of...