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    Naruto’s hidden powers?

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    Orochimaru was an otsutsuki?

    well one thing for sure tho, his abilities so far kinda relates to otsutsuki, for example is oro’s curse seal kinda relates to karma, his white skin kinda resemblance the otsutsuki, his powers to switch body resemblance the otsutsuki. Its crazy to think of this but most of his powers is like...
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    Questions & Mysteries Did Oda already forshadow The technique that would beat him?

    Remember Luffy’s red rock that hitted kaido and how that technique made a impact on us viewers specially how that impacted kaido and this is the time when luffy didnt mastered his kings haki but made kaido threw up blood. Imagine now what if this red hawk, red rock of luffy would covered by...
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    Questions & Mysteries What will the other Strawhats do after they finish their fights

    Im talking about robin, nami, ussop, franky, and chopper. lets start with chopper first.. i think chopper will focus on healing everyone from onigashima with the help of marco. 2. Robin would be probably look for the poneglyph and this is probably the first time that we will see whats behind...
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    Questions & Mysteries Kaguya will be release?

    So far in the story the only one who can explain literally everything from otsutsiki, the beginning, etc etc is kaguya. And now that some of the characters like boruto, Code, ishiki appeared… what if theres a chance that Kaguya could be release? To explain everything, even boruto’s jougan eye..
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Luffy doesnt kill his enemies?

    What if Luffy doesnt kill them because he bilieves that one day they will have a change of heart? That they will change for good. Just like how he bilieves in buggy during the impel down, like what happen to the war of the best to crocodile, jango became a marine, helmeppo too, mr.3 and...
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    Questions & Mysteries Luffy’s Strawhat has no power but a symbol?

    roger gave his straw hat to shanks and shanks gave it to luffy. The strawhat kinda symbolizing friendship right? In Fishmen island, in their poneglyph says that Joyboy was apologizing to the mermaid princess on his time. Also the sea kings said that they were waiting for their two kings to...
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    Chapter Discussion Crocodile’s secret???

    According to Ivan-Kov he met Crocodile when he was a rookie. What if Crocodile wasnt he!? What if Crocodile was she? And ivankov helped crocodile to become one this is the reason why Ivankov let crocodile escape even tho he’s dangerous because ivankov knew crocodile so much! Kinda like a raydar...
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    Questions & Mysteries What does Aokiji think of Luffy

    Remember the time when Aokiji warns Rob Luci if he took Robin? That Rob Luci will regret it if he takes Robin…and Rob Luci Realize this too back when he and luffy had a last stand with each other… so basically they had a glimpse of how luffy do his thing. And yeah so its simple, when Aokiji...
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    Discussion Power Naruto and Sasuke is more powerful now?

    Ever since the first chapters of boruto where momoshiki invaded the leaf. Ninja tech is already there. And Back on naruto and sasuke time when they were teens or kids this doesnt exist and in their whoever is the most powerful thats the one who rules this also goes back to hashirama’s time, or...
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    Questions & Mysteries Boruto who we should trust the anime or manga

    In the manga baryon mode was seen as kinda like weak type of technique, and isshiki was seen there to have more advantage on naruto! But in the anime its completely different, naruto was wrecking ishiki, its like naruto has more advantage than ishiki. Did kishinoto agreed to this anime...
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    Chapter Discussion Gigantification, Vegapunk and Luffy’s devil fruit was a artifical devil fruit?

    According to law gigantification was the most researched thing in onepiece. And if Marines succeed on this research no one can stop them. Think about the elbaf giants brogy and dorry and what they did to the giant goldfish! That laser beam that they did could beat an entire fleet of marines...
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    Questions & Mysteries Does the ancient weapons relates to haki? And Luffy is an ancient weapon?

    The monster trio, the three types of haki, tree ancient weapons, levelly, marines, it seems oda was a fan of number 3 what if the three ancient weapons is connected to haki? like for example, 1. Shirahoshi - the poseidon relates to kings haki, just like the sea king tols to shirahoshi that...
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    Questions & Mysteries What will happen to One piece after it ends?

    I think theres a reason why Oda is trying to finish onepiece as much as possible, and it could be true that onepiece might end in 5 years or so but is it really the end of onepiece? i think not and this is probably the reason!. 1. oda could try to go to the past of onepiece! Yhe tales of...
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    Break Week What would happen to new world if Luffy lose?

    This is just what if scenarios ok, this is about the alliance of Kaido and Bigmom so long story short the new world would collapse no matter where you put the fight on, either shanks, blackbeard, marines, things would end up being destroyed. imagine Kaido and bigmom fought blackbeard…...
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    Speculations The mysterous man that we thought healed the red scabbards was???

    I think everyone that Luffy fought had a closure, like something they realize, thought something was wrong, or something for a new beginning awaits. Like what happen to Crocodile, or Mr 3, even Smoker. I think both Kaido and Bigmom will have that closure. Probably Kaido will realize what he did...
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    Questions & Mysteries Shanks was Rocks D Xebec’s son????

    what if his meeting with the gorosei of this certain pirate that he wants to have a conversation with the gorosei is xebec? what if he had a complicated relationship with xebec, which is similar to Kaido and Yamato? Shanks probably knew about everything even when he was a kid And he saw how...
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    Character Discussion Understanding Whitebeard Character

    Probably Whitebeard is the greatest of All the pirates weve seen so far in the world of onepiece, probably even greater than Roger! this is probably will never be seen in onepiece manga or anime but i think Oda gave us everything that we need to imagine how incredibly good Whitebeard was and...
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    Break Week Understanding the Whitebeard Pirates

    So i had a request on this topic before, and its simple the whitebeard pirates arent just ordinary pirates, or friends! Theyre beyond that, for them the whitebeard pirates are family, and the head of it is whitebeard. They probably went to adventure and went to many dangerous stuff went to tick...
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    Chapter Discussion Did Roger tried to Talk to Imu sama?

    Im talking about what happen to the god valley. Where Rock D Xebec and Garp and Roger fought. But remember according to Sengoku Garp was protecting a celestial dragon! What if what happened to God Valley was more deeper?! Rocks D. xebec was one of the people who was close to Onepiece…what if...