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  1. Garp the Fist

    Future Events Kidd is not soloing Big Mom

    Like Luffy and Law vs Doffy, really. Although Law‘s had a bigger role there than he had here, he still ended up the number two. Poor Law, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
  2. Garp the Fist

    Future Events Kidd is not soloing Big Mom

    Oda tells us that Big Mom will fall as a result of this battle, which we already knew because CP0 have been talking about it. He does not tell us that will be Kid and Law managing to just plain beat her into unconsciousness, like Luffy will do to Kaido (after having a shit ton of help). And...
  3. Garp the Fist

    Future Events Kidd is not soloing Big Mom

    He‘s not, but the way the fight has been framed so far makes it pretty clear it’s Kid number one and Law number two. Doesn’t make Kid massively stronger than Law or anything, the two are still neck and neck (and far better rivals to each other than they are to Luffy). But if I was to pick a...
  4. Garp the Fist

    Speculations Guess how the rest of Volume 102 will go

    Raizo vs Fukurokjo is the real final fight of the arc and will not finish until after Kaido is done. I expect the last page of volume102 to be Zoro beating King,
  5. Garp the Fist

    Anime & Manga This reddit post about worstgen forum made me chuckle

    I’m only seeing one disgusting use of Divven’s death here and it’s coming from you.
  6. Garp the Fist

    Anime & Manga This reddit post about worstgen forum made me chuckle

    What the actual fuck are you talking about This is AL‘s reaction to Divvens death, which is as respectful as it comes.
  7. Garp the Fist

    Character Discussion Willer respect thread

    The puns usually aren’t part of the sort of main bounty, if that makes sense. Like, if we’re talking about Kaido and Big Mom the main thing is that hey have 4.6 and 4.3 billion. The 4.6 and 4.3 aren’t part of any puns. It’s only when we see the full bounty that there’s a pun, with the lower...
  8. Garp the Fist

    Character Discussion Willer respect thread

    That’s why I think it’ll be interesting. If Oda gives Killer a bounty higher than Sanji’s, it’s a pretty clear sign of how he rates fighting on the roof and beating Hawkins compared to beating Queen.
  9. Garp the Fist

    Character Discussion Willer respect thread

    I still think he’s stronger than Sanji tbh. Bounties at the end of the arc will be pretty informative I feel.
  10. Garp the Fist

    Questions & Mysteries Will Big Mom go down in this arc ?

    Both. She’s over as a threat this arc, but can still carry on as the friendly Olin in the future.
  11. Garp the Fist

    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE CHAPTER 1029: TOWER

    Enjoyable chapter I think Queen’s reaction should put to bed any idea that he’s much of a swordsman, he legit does not give a fuck about his sword being broken and is just delighted to see Sanji’s experiments. It’s also nice to see that Sanji hates his powerup as much as I do. Most curious to...
  12. Garp the Fist

    Questions & Mysteries How was Kizaru planning on stopping Kaido & BM?

    Head off the Big Mom Pirates at sea, before they could get to Wano and the Beast Pirates could get involved, I’d imagine.
  13. Garp the Fist

    General & Others Will it be devastating to the series if a new crewmate displays more strength than Zoro and Sanji?

    Zoro and Sanji will be number two and number three, there just might be a little squiggly bit before and after a person joins where’s there’s a bit of debate before the next round of crew-wide fights makes it clearer.
  14. Garp the Fist

    Powers & Abilities Stop disrespecting Sanji. His power up makes sense and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Like I said when the chapter came out- hate everything to do with Sanji using Germa tech. But, my subjective dislike of that aside, the plotline makes sense. You can pinpoint every step of how it’s developed. It‘s a storyline that does work.
  15. Garp the Fist

    Character Discussion Sanji not using the raid suit during a damn war is incredibly stupid

    I applaud Sanji in every way for using the RS as little as possible. Next step, get Franky, Chopper and Law to remove the exoskeleton
  16. Garp the Fist

    General & Others Do all of you still think this raid will fail?

    Yeah, it was a bad idea to begin with, made worse by every passing chapter and is now at the level of “Luffy will beat Big Mom on WCI” levels of completely misreading how the arc is going. If it’s just people saying that the fight to defeat Kaido will go another round onto the mainland or...
  17. Garp the Fist

    General & Others Next Strawhat Crew Members and the Grand Fleet

    It’s wild to think that some people are convinced that Shinobu has discovered all the truths of the world by reading Oden’s journal. Poor Robin trying so hard and a random fat ninja gets it handed to her on a plate.
  18. Garp the Fist

    Questions & Mysteries SSG

    All the shit that we’ve heard that Vegapunk was working on combined into one. Artificial DFs based on Kaido and Kizaru’s, gigantification, cybernetics, making weapons eat DF, seastone work etc.
  19. Garp the Fist

    Break Week Why Zoro needs Nidai Kitetsu asap

    Enma breaking is extremely unlikely, given that Oda’s instead introduced this plotpoint of turning it into a black blade. And it would b strange for Zoro to get a new sword that immediately breaks, and it would also be an odd decision to have Zoro fail in such a way that it also tarnishes Oden’s...