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  1. Perun

    General & Others Kuine Tanaka(Kizaru) has died! Rip to the man that Oda has Kizaru(one of the greatest manga characters in history) modeled after!Loved him in Yakuza Files,also saw him in Kurosawa's The Bad Sleep Well couple of days ago.
  2. Perun

    Speculations "Evil" samurai and Orochi?

    Lets say that Orochi survives and shows himself later on,will his men(Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi) side with him in this war or will they stay with Kaido?
  3. Perun

    Questions & Mysteries F5 crews?

    Which crew is your fav so far?Will Ulti and Page One also have their own? Sasaki's crew Who's Who crew Black Maria's crew So far they were very impressive,they manged to hurt Yamato little bit,trap and subdue Sanji,the infamous beetle dude survived against Zoro.Can't wait to see what...
  4. Perun

    Character Discussion BBs design?

    BB is one of the characters in OP that has a lots of changes when is comes to design(all are cool in their own right),so which one of this is your favourite? 1. 2. 3. 4. I must say that I love the mostly the second and the third one.
  5. Perun

    Speculations How many Headliners?

    Not counting F6 and SNs,how many headliners are there in Kaido's crew(So far we have 12 named Headliners)?.How many of them do you expect to look normal like Sheepshead and Gin Rummy?
  6. Perun

    Speculations RH crew structure?

    So how many commanders will the Red Haired pirates have?Will they have allied crews(So far only WB and BB have them)?.We know that they are small crew that have members with notable bounties, who together share a great deal of trust in their leader, making them a well-balanced and unassailable...
  7. Perun

    Questions & Mysteries Killer's design?

    Which Killers design do you like more pre-skip or post-skip? Pre-skip Post-skip I must say I like more his pre-skip one, to me his skinny frame matches more with his fighting style,then being a buff dude.
  8. Perun

    Speculations Impel Down lvl 6 prisoners

    So will Oda introduce lvl 6 prisoners in the manga that escaped from Impel Down and didn't join the BB pirates,so far he only used two of them for movies(Bullet and Byrnndi World) .Those lvl6 guys should be powerful fighters given that impressive people were/are locked...
  9. Perun

    Speculations Grand Fleet size?

    So far we have 7 crews in the SHs grand fleet.Will it stay that way or will it grow?How many crew do you expect in the end to be in the grand fleet?I would love for 3 more crews to join and that we officially have 10.
  10. Perun

    Powers & Abilities Hawkins cards!

    So I did little research and found this( are 22 major tarot cards,Hawkins used so far The Fool,The Hierophant,Death(card that predicts if someone will die-used to see if Luffy will die in Marineford war).He will probably use Strength card later on...
  11. Perun

    Questions & Mysteries Urouge role?

    So we have 8 SNs that are involved in the current arc,Capone was involved in WCI arc,Bonney will be probably connected to WG arc .So the only one that is left is Urouge.So were do you guys see him appearing? Would be cool if he played a important role in Elbaf arc.
  12. Perun

    Questions & Mysteries 12 Supreme Grade Swords

    So far we know about 3 supreme grade swords and two owners of them.So who else is in a possession of a supreme grade sword?I thought one of the Wano samurai would have one,but it looks like it's not the case. Yoru(Mihawk) Murakumogiri(WB) Shodai Kitetsu(unknown owner)
  13. Perun

    Hello everyone!

    Been on Naruto Forums(from 2009-2012) and Milennium Forums(One Piece section became inactive,but the Kingdom section is good),so I decided to also join here.