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    Speculations Which option is more likely to happen?

    A) Sanji takes Queen down by himself. B) Sanji receives little help from Drake and Apoo and finishes Queen off. C) Apoo and Drake does most of the job and Sanji finishes Queen off. D) Drake and Apoo completely take over the fight and Sanji goes to fight Daifuku. E) Drake and Apoo completely take...
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    Questions & Mysteries When will Sanji vs Daifuku start?

    Sanji is guaranteed to fight Daifuku at this stage. At which chapter do you think it will start and do you think Sanji will need help to beat Daifuku?
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do people believe Sanji will fight a Yonko commander this arc?

    Title speaks for itself. Sanji is YC4 of the crew and will at most be as strong as a YC2 at the end of the series (Due to being a member of PK's crew). He is bound to fight against Daifuku and reach to level of a YC4 at the end of Wano. Oda did not bring Daifuku for no reason, he slapped Pudding...
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    Questions & Mysteries Ivankov's Original Fate in Impel Down

    Hello Everyone, This was a question I have wanted to ask for a long time and I was expecting to learn your opinions about this matter. In Impel Down Arc, Ivankov told to Luffy that he was waiting for the time Dragon would rescue him and he was not planning to escape from the prison due to his...