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  1. Cinera

    Character Discussion Why do People Compare Yamato to Jimbe or Franky?

    The Sanctity of the Monster Trio Several people have told me that Yamato is going to fall well behind the Monster Trio, and point to Jimbe and Franky as examples of shiny new additions that did not disturb the balance of the crew. In both cases, Jimbe and Franky looked like formidable...
  2. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities Yamato's Amazing Busoshoku

    Introduction Yamato seems to be exceptionally capable with offensive applications of Busoshoku, having given us a couple of the more impressive offensive feats of pure Busoshoku we've gotten from non swordsmen. Zoro has much crazier feats, but his feats (bar slicing the Wano coastline) also...
  3. Cinera

    Future Events Linlin Will Fall in Wano

    I think Linlin gets defeated this arc. The Big Mom Pirates may no longer be considered an Emperor's crew Post Wano. I have around 3 reasons to believe this. #1 Bounties I think they kind of need to defeat Linlin because I expect them to end Wano with bounties above King. They may also get...
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    Current Events What Role do These Characters Have?

    Drake Apoo Denjiro Izo Kawamatsu Every other combatant of note is more or less accounted for (if only for the current time). I don't know that Drake and Apoo are still fighting. I think they are simply not important enough for Oda to bother showing them. I'm pretty sure the Big Mom Pirates...
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    Character Discussion Yamato is Stronger Than King

    This isn't going in the power levels subforum because this isn't a traditional powerscaling post. Her battle with Kaido is Yamato's main fight in this arc. Not just in this arc, it's the main fight of Yamato's life. Yamato is fighting for her freedom, for the right to forge her own path, the...
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    Speculations Vs Kaido is Yamato's Main Fight This Arc

    See also: Yamato's Desire to Face Kaido Are You Excited for Yamato vs Kaido? Introduction The confrontation between Yamato and Kaido that began in Chapter 1015 is to be Yamato's main fight of the Wano arc. It is the climax of Yamato's story arc in Wano. This is a fight that was directly...
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    Character Discussion "I Am Oden!!"

    Yamato's remark in the latest chapter: Some people were really put off by the above statement of Yamato's, so I thought I might make the effort to try and explain where Yamato is coming from here, and why I found this scene acceptable — maybe even appropriate — unlike a couple of her other...
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    Spoiler Tower of God Chapter 75 Raws

    Season 3 Chapter 75 Raws. Here's a spoiler for now: Translations.
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    Future Events Does Zoro vs Shiryuu need to be an Extreme Difficulty Fight?

    After Wano, Zoro will most likely be above Oden and comparable to or stronger than the likes of Issho. Between the end of Wano and his fight with Shiryuu (likely on Raftel), there's at least Elbaf and Lodestar. Zoro may yet become stronger. It's not implausible to imagine that by the time the...
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    Powers & Abilities Does Yamato Have Haoshoku?

    I think there is a very good case that she does. Her Relation to Kaido She's Kaido's only child, and he raised her as his "son" Other Top Tiers have sired children that are themselves Conquerors: Roger: Ace Dragon: Luffy Linlin: Katakuri Whitebeard and Weevil are not confirmed, but it's...
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    Current Events Who Defeats Jack?

    There are a few basic options that I've heard mentioned. I'll cover the cases (as best as I understand them) for and against the characters that I think are plausible at this point in time: Inuarashi Yamato Killer Law The order they appear is how likely I think they are as Jack's opponent...
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    Character Discussion What is Kozuki Momonosuke?

    Beyond his status as heir to the Kozuki, the symbol of the rebellion, and future Shogun of Wano, Momonosuke is an extremely big deal. He's someone that's very important. His name means "second to none": Momonosuke is peerless. He was able to hear the voice of Zunisha and command it: Luffy...
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    Future Events Are You Excited for Yamato vs Kaido?

    :stealthblack: In the latest chapter, Kaido has thrown down his gauntlet: In the same chapter, Yamato declares her freedom and proclaims that she is now Oden: In Chapter 1008, she had previously expressed her desire to fight Kaido as Oden: The Narrative for Yamato vs Kaido She...
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    Character Discussion Oda Actually Respects Yamato?

    Acknowledgements I give all gratitude to my mistresses Sloth and Procrastination. This essay wouldn't be possible if they didn't make me take time away from my actual job. @Zemlya has my assistance for sourcing nearly all the non-Yamato panels I used here. Disclaimer As usual, I tag a lot of...
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    Current Events Some Thoughts on a Potential Confrontation Between Zoro and King

    Disclaimer This was written during my hiatus in a PM with @ZenZu, as such it may be a bit dated. I added some new information, but keep that in mind. I'm only posting it now because people have been complaining that I'm not posting about Zoro. As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If...
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    Future Events Law's Fate After Wano

    Introduction I think there are very good chances that Law either joins the Strawhat Pirates as a de jure member — he's already a de facto member — or at least accompanies them as a permanent ally of sorts. Some recent developments make me think the latter is more likely, Oda may not want to rock...
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    Spoiler Tower of God Chapter 74 Raws

    Chapter 74 Raws.
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    Future Events Kaido Must Die

    Disclaimer This is an extract of a section from another of my essays, but it's an important enough — and controversial enough — topic that it deserves its own thread. This is NOT a ZKK thread. It exists solely to discuss if Kaido will die. How Kaido might die is tangential at best. I'm on...
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    Future Events Blackbeard Pirates vs Strawhat Pirate Matchups

    So the Blackbeard Pirates are: Marshall D. Teach Jesus Burgess Shiryuu Van Augur Avalo Pizarro Lafitte Catarina Devon San Juan Wolf Vasco Shot Doc Q and Stronger 10th Titanic Captain Kuzan (Ally) I presume that the Strawhat Pirates Post Wano would be: Luffy Zoro Nami Sanji Usopp Chopper...
  20. Cinera

    Character Discussion I Really Like Yamato

    I don't have the time to write my essay on why I like Yamato right now (and let's be honest, most of you don't read the essays anyway), so I decided to share a video that advances a position I agree with (it's also pretty short (< 9 minutes), so there are decent chances folks here would actually...