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  1. playa4321

    Questions & Mysteries What if Scenario: "Current Luffy switch with the pre ts Luffy"!

    Gonna reread the SA arc and kinda asking myself, what would happen and how much the story would change if current Luffy would switch with pre ts Luffy from chapter 497: How the follow events would kick out? How Luffy would react and how much he could change the story, like I said the events in...
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    Theory The Red Line is a Gigantic Moon Eating Serpent Theory

    This theory is not from me, I have it from Reddit and just want to share it with you guys(I post the source at the end of the theory)!!! So let begin: " I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. INTRO The story of One Piece has been going on for twenty years, and yet we know almost nothing...
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    Episode Discussion Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Movie.

    Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0 will be adapted into an Anime Movie!!!!
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    Current Events Do we getting the God Valley Flashback for chapter 1000?

    Hello everyone here, the recent chapter 999 come out today and we finally reach chapter 1000. Their a many speculation which chapter we gonna get, do we get a chapter where Luffy finally meet Kaido&Big mom, with means a chapter still in onigashima? Or do we jump into a another place(I doubt it)...
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    Among us: Luffy vs Naruto

    Hello everyone, find a nice fanmade of Naruto vs Luffy in among us version xD Here the videos: Part1: Part2: Part3: Part4: :suresure::kayneshrug: @Seth , @Sentinel , @Guan Yu , @Admiral Lee Hung , @King7 , @Kaido D. Stronger , @Zara , @Light D Lamperouge , @Steven , @Cao Cao , @ANIKI ...
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    Versus Battle Acnologia vs Doflamingo

    Acnologia Vs Doflamingo No rules, they just meet each other in wano. Place: Wano kuni Round1: Base Acnologia vs Doflamingo(with awakening) Round2: Dragon Acnologia vs Doflamingo(With awakening) Round3: Dragon Acnologia vs Doflamingo+his full crew(Vergo) Who gonna win this battle...
  7. playa4321

    Theory Failed Ancient Giants: The new weapon of Vegapunk the SSG

    I found a really good theory/though about the current events with the Numbers and probably hint what the new SSG of Vegapunk could be. I like the theory a lot and have the same thoughs, I gonna post it in quote here and you can check it up on yourself on the theory of the user in Twitter. So...
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    Versus Battle Harry Potter: Grindelwald vs Voldemort

    As the titel said it, who would win a battle between Grindelwald vs Voldemort, both darkness magician with incredible skills. Who would win in a directly encounter, both versions are in their Prime.
  9. playa4321

    Powers & Abilities Shanks: How Swordsmen and Gun users use advanced COA.

    Red Hair Shanks: The Hakigod Hello Community, I want open such a thread longtime ago but I didn´t get enough time, time pass and we get some more informations about Haki overall. Since Pirate Warriors 3 I expect kinda haki power for the One piece world, Shanks haki skills in the fight probably...
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    Future Events Flying Six vs Luffy+Yamato> Yamato arrest and Who´s Who Goal?

    Because of the current manga events: It seems like Luffy and Yamato face soon the flying six and I can already see the event around the battles soon. Since xDrake,BlackMarie and Sasaki(he himself get arrest) don´t have really care for the Yamato plot, the only remaining flyers are Pageone(who...
  11. playa4321

    Versus Battle Edo Madara vs Monster Aizen

    Edo Madara(with his true strenght and not nerf)+two rinnegans vs Butterfly Aizen, who wins? Rules: Madara can summon Kyubi Butterfly Aizen can get stronger with each new form Speed is not equal Madara can get killed and Aizen can get killed Starting Distance: 50 meters Location: Fire country...
  12. playa4321

    Post Rose Meruem vs Dark Schneider

    Hello community, I open this fight of two characters who my favourite manga characters overall. Also I see a similar thread in a another side and the stuff was overall great. Since I only know the anime version of Dark Schneider, how far would the fight going on if we use the manga version of...
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    BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

    Hello Bleach community, as many user already hear and read it, we will get in the AnimeJapan a only Bleach stage where we will get a new information(still unknown but many people think about a continue of the Bleach anime). Right now I read a new tweet where Rukia Kuchiki's Voice Actress will be...
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    News One Piece Live Action Series!!

    News from One Piece Live Action series!!! First season will have 10 episodes and Netflix will participate. Source: Redon mangahelpers.
  15. playa4321

    Questions & Mysteries Smile Users of Kaido: What is the difference between these Smile users?

    Hello community, again a new topic of me and a new question. I reread the Zou arc and also read the chapters of Wano again, then I noticed something(I did it already in past but forget to make a thread about it). We see multiple Smile users in Wano under Kaido crew, all of them eating the fake...
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    Speculations Was Oden already been poisoned in Chapter 967?

    Hello community, the theory about Oden getting poisoned by Orochi was already stand for the last weeks. People think Oden was poisoned and lose his battle against Kaido in weak states. In the current chapter the Roger pirates visit Wano and let Toki and the childrens stand their. Strangely after...
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    One Piece Chapter 967 Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Prediction thread for Chapter 967!! Here the rules from Bogard:
  18. playa4321

    Current Events Capone New Bounty

    In the recent chapter, Capone get a new bounty and it change from 300mio to either 850.000.000m which make Capone equal to the one of Cracker bountywise!! So with this we have a another Supernova who has a huge bounty alongside with Luffy. @dirtyLarry , @Buusatan94 , @Inspector_Mu , @Kejon...
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    One Piece Chapter 966 Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Prediction thread for Chapter 966!! Here the rules from Bogard:
  20. playa4321

    Speculations How would Oden have impacted Marineford?

    Find this interest thread in NF and want to post it here aswell. Your guys opinion, would Ace and Whitebeard get still get killed, if Prime Oden would help them out?