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  1. Fujishiro

    Starting Kingdom again from chapter 405, wish me luck lol!

    Title! Will update this thread whenever Im done with an arc!
  2. Fujishiro

    Any of y'all interested in me hosting a Pokemon showdown tournament here?

    Title :P @Enryu help me spread the word.
  3. Fujishiro

    Versus Battle Beerus comes to the One Piece world

    Beerus Arrives in the One Piece World and demands to be fed the best dishes they have, or else he will destroy their planet. Can The OP world make a satisfying enough dish and what would be the team of cooks doing it?
  4. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion The hypocrisy of the Minks

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The sheer AUDACITY of these fuckers to hold a grudge against an innocent man!! Pedro broke into this mans house with hostile intentions not once but TWICE!!! Pedro took Baron Tamago's eye, destroyed property, defeated countless homies and other fodders...
  5. Fujishiro

    Character Discussion Most overrated character on this forum in your opinion?

    Title, who do you guys think is the most overrated character(or group or characters) on these forums.
  6. Fujishiro

    Dragon Ball super - Chapter 74: Végéta vs Granolah

    Dragon Ball Super - Chapter 74 Title: Saiyans and Cerelian Support Dragon Ball Super by subscribing to the new all access Shonen Jump released by VIZ...
  7. Fujishiro

    World of warcraft, The burning Crusade.

    Any people in this forum playing this?
  8. Fujishiro

    Versus Battle Wonder of U (Jojo part 8) vs One piece Top tiers

    Location: One piece World. With his stand Wonder of U, is trying to live a normal life. However the WG has offered a huge bounty on whoever brings them his head, many top tiers and strong pirates go at him. Do they manage to kill him? This is the way his stand works: Those who commit an act...
  9. Fujishiro

    [FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

    Host: @Fujishiro Coach : @AL sama Rules: Claim restriction: This game includes flavour claim restriction. That means all hints to your character or any flavour mentioned in your abilities are forbidden. You may only claim in General Mafia terms. If you are unsure about what you are allowed to...
  10. Fujishiro

    General & Others Marineford in 60 seconds

    This video made me ugly laugh through it, y'all should watch this.
  11. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion How are we supposed to beat them?!

    Zoro said those words in the summary and in the chapter itself. It seems out of character for him and i don't know what to think of it.
  12. Fujishiro

    General & Others One piece is a mediocre series

    Change my mind.
  13. Fujishiro

    [FNZ] Turbo game The Alabasta Arc mafia game ( Game Thread)

    Theme: Alabasta Hosts: @Fujishiro @Flower Date: 28 February 6pm CET Phase Length: 30 minutes Day Phase/10 minutes night break Setup: 6 Vanilla Town. 1 Town Doctor 1 Town Tracker 1 Mafia Goon 1 Mafia Blocker. Players: 1- @Finalbeta 2- @LANJI CUCKSMOKE 3- @Go D. Usopp ™ 4- @krogothwolf...
  14. Fujishiro

    The Alabasta Arc mafia game ( Signup Thread)

    Theme: Alabasta Host: @Fujishiro, Co-host: @Flower Date: 28th of February(tomorrow), around 6pm CET. Phase Length: 30 minutes DP/10 minutes NP. Setup: 8 Town (1 Doctor, 1 Tracker, 6 Vanilla). 2 Mafia (1 Goon, 1 Roleblocker). Sign Ups: 1- @Finalbeta 2- @LANJI CUCKSMOKE 3- @Go D. Usopp ™ 4-...
  15. Fujishiro

    Happy new year to all you sons of bitches!

    Happy new years, guys! This was a very tough year for all of us and i am sure many here found this forum to be a place that helped them get through it, i hope you guys are having fun right now! And i wish you all a happy new year! And more one piece greatness to come! Cheers! And stay safe...
  16. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion Who are the remaining 4 shadows

    Yo, in this chapter. It was reiterated that the figures in the prophecy mentioned by Oden will be the ones to take down Kaido and Kaido alone. Many people thought that the 9 shadows in toki’s and Oden’s prophecy were the scabbards. But clearly that’s not the case. You can count momo and...
  17. Fujishiro

    Speculations Why didn’t BB take Magellan’s fruit

    Title, it just dawned on me but Sengoku said that Magellan was Overrun by the escaping prisoners as well as the BB pirates/Shiryuu. So the question is, why didn’t he take Magellan’s fruit? It’s quite the OP one, he could’ve given it to any of his crew mates. After all, we have them going around...
  18. Fujishiro

    Chapter Discussion "Now we can't join the fight!"

    All credit goes to @T.D.A
  19. Fujishiro

    Black Clover Readthrough(Will update from time to time)

    Heya, gonna be reading BC seriously now and just figured i'd create a thread like this to discuss my thoughts on the manga as i go through it. I will update it from time to time. Cheers.