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    Powers & Abilities Big Mom can be overpowered if Oda let her be....

    Imo Big Mom is not using her Devil Fruit to its fullest extent and if she can it is truly terrifying ; --First BM needs to take Napoleon part of the soul as she is wasting her soul power , rather she can carry a powerful normal sword in combat --At the very least she can create 4 homies...
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    Anime & Manga Kaido Poster Purchase

    I am going to buy kaido poster ; I will convert image into poster so guys refer me a good one :myman: @Hanzo hattori @Tejas @playa4321 @Enryu @TheKnightOfTheSea etc etc
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    General & Others Who Has better physique? Kaido or Akainu

    Title @AdmiralKinyagi
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Big Mom and Kaido didn't used Ikoku in their Fights?

    Ikoku is mostly BM's most powerful attack and looks pretty lethal and kaido can also use it as he performed hakai which is bigger version of Ikoku yet we don't see either using it even once on rooftop or now against Supernovas? They should be able to spam it No? Oda holding them back...
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    Powers & Abilities Kaido's Healing is Much Better Than Marco's Healing

    --So far all attacks Kaido took until the last current chapter: -Get cut by Kiku in the hand -Get pierced together by Ashura,Kinemon,Denjiro in the stomach(Attack Sunachii) -Crush with full force into the ground -Get cut in mouth by Kinemon Foxfire Style Flamerend -Take a attack from...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Marco looks Wounded in Recent chapters?

    We know marco can instantly heal any wounds or injury he recieves thanks to his devil fruit so why he has wounds all over his body? He has reached limit of his stamina which is understandable as his fruit doesn't regenerates stamina but he should still look clean? Thoughts? @Hanzo hattori...
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    Powers & Abilities Can one throw hakaifed attacks from weapons?

    --Can characters "throw" haki attacks using weapons? We see characters in yamato , zoro , oden doing this. --Will this attacks bypass logia intangibility when landed on their body? @Hanzo hattori @Tejas @playa4321 @ODIAK D.TSEGNORTS @Sentinel @Erkan12 @Olimaat @Jaguark101 @Steven...
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    Powers & Abilities Can Kaido use flame clouds on people?

    We already see in chapter 997 Kaido can lift entire island as in onigashima -- Can kaido use it on people to levitate/control them? Can he use it in battle? Imo he is not using it as he is already carrying onigashima and once he drops it he will start using it. @Hanzo hattori @Tejas @ODIAK...
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    Powers & Abilities Can yami yami no mi absorb living characters ?

    Blackbeard has shown to absorb entire town easily but we have never see him absorbing living characters? Can he do that? If yes for how long can he trap anyone?
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    Questions & Mysteries Why didn't the marines execute Kaido/weren't able to execute Kaido?

    Kaido has been captured rumorous times by marines and sentenced to death........ Rocks pirates were considered a very big threat by marines......marines/WG kept everything about them a secret Sengoku has no qualms in directly executing someone......... What do you guys think? @KAIDO D...
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    Powers & Abilities Beast Pirates DF's scaled to proper size

    DF size if they are properly scaled...
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    Powers & Abilities Rank these DC feats

    How would you rank these feats ? Whitebeard's Shima Yurashi (Island titlting) Kaido lifting Onigashima Fujitora lifting Dressrosa Rubbles Fujitora's meteors Aokiji's ice age Blackbeard's Black hole Law cuts punk hazard Mihawk cutting Glacier For me Whitebeard's Shima Yurashi (Island...
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    Powers & Abilities Can vice admirals + rest of the marines minus Admirals/Fleet admirals/Garp can capture/defeat any top tier multiple times?

    Do you think vice admirals + rest of the marines minus Admirals/Fleet admirals/garp can capture any top tier like yonkos /admirals/ mihawk?
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    Powers & Abilities Haki Potential Doesn't makes any sense

    Haki is not like chakra i.e. you have certain quantity of it nor there exist any measure. It doesn't makes sense for someone to born with more haki becasue unlike nen haki is unquantifiable? It directly means willpower yet luffy leaned adv coa in two months or so , where as characters like...
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    Powers & Abilities Kong Gatling vs Yasakani no Magatama

    Which attack is more powerful ? Kong Gatling Yasakani no Magatama
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    Powers & Abilities Can Kaido levitate Fujitora's meteors/gravitational effects ?

    Kaido can use flame clouds to fly as well as levitate islands easily. The clouds must have a strong anti-gravitational field effect to do so. Can it negate Fujitora's gravitational abilities by surrounding meteors with flame clouds?
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    Powers & Abilities What separates Shanks Roger Rayleigh Garp ?

    Roger , garp ,shanks and rayleigh all are top tiers who most likely don't have devil fruits and rely on advance haki. Everyone is going to have advance coo/coa/coc. Then what is going to be the differentiating factor? What makes them unique? Mihawk has black blade but what about others?
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    Hello worstgeners

    Looking forward to discuss different topics with you all specially in Kaido threads:kaimoji::kaimoji:
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    Questions & Mysteries Which Admiral Captured Kaido?

    We know Kaido was captured multiple times by marines. Who were involved in imprisonment of Kaido?